Easy tutorial on how to install and configure ClearOS on VMware Workstation or VMware Player step by step. We'll also install VMware. ClearOS is computer Operating System (OS) that provides enterprise-level network configuration will depend on server location, number of users, scalability. Running A Small Business Server With ClearOS (Community Edition) This guide (e.g. ), then click on the Configure Network button.


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Some options, like the date and time, are easily configured elsewhere in the installation process. You can configure them now or later if you clearos configuration.

ClearOS 7, Documentation Overview:

Date and Time optional This option is required in the Webconfig wizard later. You can fill things out clearos configuration but the clearos configuration of the Network Time will happen later. You can set your time zone here or wait until later.

Click 'Done' at the top when you are finished. Installation Source optional By default, the installation will clearos configuration the media that got you this far as an installation source. This is typically sufficient and you clearos configuration have to do anything here unless you are a developer or are hacking around.

Installation of ClearOS 7 Community Edition

Some cases where you might change this media are that you can have the ClearOS installer use a different installation source if clearos configuration wanted to install something a little different. For example, you can point to a testing branch of ClearOS, or your own repository.

The ClearOS install is a minimal install which will get clearos configuration to the marketplace.


clearos configuration Click on Installation Destination option, select your disk and choose I will configure partitioning and click on Done to continue. You can make changes to the automatically generated values, you can add, modify clearos configuration resize your partition scheme, change the filesystem type label etc.

Installation of ClearOS 7 Community Edition

clearos configuration The following partitions will be created on the hard-disk and combined into one big Volume Group named clearos. Once you have made any desirable changes, you can click on the Done button and Accept Changes on the Summary of Changes prompt.

If you have clearos configuration hard-disk of more than 2TB capacity, the installer automatically will convert partition table to GPT.

However, if you wish to use GPT table on smaller disks than 2TB, then you should use the argument inst. Now you need to enable networking and set your system clearos configuration.

Installation of ClearOS

ClearOS Network and Hostname Once the Ethernet network interface button turned ON, if you have a functional DHCP server on you network then it will automatically configure all your network setting for enabled NIC, which should appear under your active interface.

Then add all clearos configuration static interface settings clearos configuration shown in the following screenshot.

When you have finished, click on Save button, disable and enable Ethernet card by switching the button to OFF and ON, and, then click on Done to clearos configuration settings and go back to the Installation Summary window. Throughout this user guide, we call this web-based administration tool Webconfig.

Webconfig Access To access the ClearOS Webconfig the web-based administration tooltype the following into your clearos configuration browser: If you do not remember this clearos configuration, you can always connect a keyboard and monitor to the system and check the information provided on the console.


Multi-WAN offers many benefits to environments requiring a reliable connection to the Internet, including load balancing, packet segregation and auto Computers and Internet devices on the LAN can then sync clocks against the local time server, achieving a very high degree of accuracy.

This app provides an easy way for administrators to make networking and access control decisions based clearos configuration a particular user associated wi It is primarily used for client-server VPN tunnels as opposed to server-server. The main advantages of this protocol are ease of use and low clearos configuration as clearos configuration client-side software i

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