The NOOK Book (eBook) of the Betta Fish Care Made Easy by Adam Short at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more! Results 1 - 48 of - As a result, these cichlids have evolved in distinct variants, easily .. Cichlids Fish Keeping Complete Care Made Easy Book by David. African Cichlid Tank Mates; Diet and Food; Care; Breeding African Cichlids This behavior can make you feel like you're underfeeding them since they're always It is peaceful, not very demanding, and quite easy to breed.


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Tropical fish can be challenging to care for, but a few easy tips will get your aquarium running smoothly. Source Caring for Freshwater Tropical Fish Keeping a tropical aquarium can be a rewarding experience. Freshwater fish tanks are inexpensive to set up and cichlid care made easy, and there is an incredible array of fish available with which you can stock your new aquarium.

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Building a tiny ecosystem of animals and plants is an cichlid care made easy feeling. Many people are hooked for life after they purchase their first fish tank, and their hobby quickly expands to bigger aquariums, more aquariums, or both! Unfortunately, for many fish keepers it can also be a very bumpy road.

Understanding which fish to purchase, what basic maintenance to perform and when, how much and how often to feed among other details is important for keeping your cichlid care made easy alive and healthy.

For beginners it can be especially frustrating. There is a ton of information available on the internet, but much of it confusing and contradictory.

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How is the newbie supposed to know where to start? In this article you will read cichlid care made easy 6 tips that, if followed, will greatly increase your chance of success as a newbie fish keeper.

Here are 6 things you can do to increase your chances of having cichlid care made easy, healthy fish, and a great-looking aquarium. This is something that should be done before you ever add fish to your tank.

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You should not purchase your fish tank and your fish on the same day! Cycling involves the growth of healthy micro-organisms within the tank, which will break cichlid care made easy waste and help keep the water safe for fish.


This takes a little time, and most experts recommend letting the tank run for at least a week before adding fish. It is important to start a new aquarium the right way. Many new aquarium kits come with a little packet you can use to add the necessary elements for cycling, or you can purchase it separately at the pet store.

You can also cycle the tank simply by adding a little fish food, which will cichlid care made easy to break down and cichlid care made easy off the process. What you should never do is attempt to cycle your tank with fish already in it.

6 Easy Fish Tank Care and Maintenance Tips for Beginners | PetHelpful

This is very unhealthy for the fish, and until the water parameters are safe they can easily become ill and die.

Test and Monitor Water Parameters So how do you know when the water is safe for your cichlid care made easy This is the testing kit I've used over the years.

It's easy to manage and the results are very clear. If you test the water weekly, one kit should last you quite a while. Ammonia, nitrates and nitrites are natural chemical compounds that result from the lifecycles in your tank.

They are fine in cichlid care made easy levels, but left unchecked they can build up to unhealthy amounts.

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Follow the instructions on the test kit and take the necessary steps to keep the water parameters correct. You can also test the pH of your water source with the kit.

Most fish can adapt to most pH levels, but if the cichlid care made easy is very hard unfortunately it may be necessary to bring the pH down with chemicals.

Perform Regular Water Changes If you find your water parameters out of line there are over-the-counter products that will help keep these chemical levels in order.

But, in my opinion, clean water is usually a better answer than adding even more foreign chemicals to the tank. Frequent water changes are the cichlid care made easy.

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