Even before the exposure of the conspiracy, Cicero had seen Catiline as a serious threat to the troubled city. While Cicero believed both in the. Later there was talk that he had planned to murder the consuls and seize power early in 65, but there is no solid evidence for this “first Catilinarian conspiracy. The second Catilinarian conspiracy, also known simply as the Catiline conspiracy, was a plot, devised by the Roman senator Lucius Sergius Catilina (or.


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Note anachronismssuch as top hats and other Victorian clothing.

In all likelihood, Catiline was not involved in the so-called first Catilinarian conspiracy, although several historical sources implicate him in it. There does not seem to be a single account that is represented in all of the sources: Because Catiline was then under prosecution for extortion, a charge of which he was eventually acquitted, he could not stand for the consular elections of 65 or Upon this last defeat, Catiline began to systematically enlist a body catiline conspiracy supporters catiline conspiracy which to stage an armed insurrection and seize control of the government.

He and his ill-equipped army began to march towards Gaul and then back towards Rome several times in vain attempts to avoid a battle.

Conspiracy of Catiline |

However, Catiline was forced to fight when Quintus Caecilius Metellus Celer blocked him from the north with three legions. So, he chose to engage Antonius Hybrida's army near Pistoiahoping that he could defeat Antonius in the ensuing battle and dishearten the other Republican armies.

Catiline also hoped that he catiline conspiracy have an easier battle catiline conspiracy Antonius who, he assumed, would fight less determinedly, as he had once been allied with Catiline.


Once Catiline saw that there was no hope of victory, he threw himself into the thick of the fray. When catiline conspiracy corpses were counted, all Catiline's soldiers were found with frontal wounds, and his corpse was found far in front of his own lines.

Catiline was to meet Manlius in Etruria and march towards Rome. When his army neared, his fellow conspirators who remained in the city would set fire to twelve different places around the city.

catiline conspiracy

The Catilinarian Conspiracy

Swords were held in the house catiline conspiracy Cethegus who is thought to be the leader of the operation in Rome. Once the fire was set and chaos ensued, Catiline and his army would surround the city stopping anyone trying to flee, while his now armed supporters murdered all of the optimates and their families and supporters.

This plan however, is much debated. Catiline was also not known to be the sort of man to commit useless crimes. He was also awoken in the middle of the night by Crassus, who held letters to assigned to Cicero as catiline conspiracy as a number of other senators.

In them included additional confirmation of the impending attack. On the 21st of October, Cicero stood catiline conspiracy the Senate and warned them of the impending attack on Rome from Catiline.

First Catilinarian conspiracy - Wikipedia

The senators were filled with fear and immediately passed the Senatus Consultum Ultimum, making Cicero the sole ruler and dictator catiline conspiracy Rome until Catiline was dealt with.

This kept Manlius at bay, waiting for word from Catiline. Troops were also brought in to defend Rome itself.

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The night of the 27th passed, and no attack was mounted on the city. This led many in the senate to catiline conspiracy whether or not this was a plan by Cicero to take on the role of catiline conspiracy by creating a fake enemy. However, the next day Manlius raised an open revolt in Etruria, calming the doubts of the Senate.

The taking of Praeneste was thwarted as well Sullust.

Catiline remained in the city in order catiline conspiracy give his final orders to his fellow conspirators on the night of November 6th at the house of Porcius Laeca.

Catiline conspiracy and Fulvia once again leaked the information of this meeting to Cicero. Because of this he was able to avoid assassination the next day.


When the 27th passed uneventfully, the Roman people became suspicious of Cicero, surmising that this may have been a catiline conspiracy plot on his part catiline conspiracy rally support and power from the people, inventing a time of need by means of which he could strengthen his political power.

Cicero Manlius in open revolt at Faesulae Sallust Cat.


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