When we started planning our year long European Odyssey on bicycles with our four kids, our first consideration was lodging. Where could we stay on a budget. Camping is about getting away from it all so take it to the extreme. Benji Lanyado picks some of the best wild spots in Europe – and explains. View the annually inspected campsites in Europe.


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Or, you can sit in the bathroom and re-charge… there are generally free plugs in there too.

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Campground facilities are generally adequate and offer the option of hand washing, which is sometimes more difficult in a hostel or hotel. Camping guide europe campgrounds have rules against clothe lines, but tent strings work just fine.

Alan Rogers: Camping In UK & Europe | Camping Guides

camping guide europe We were shocked at the price of coin-operated laundry in Europe. We recommend micro fiber everything so that you can hang dry over night and save at least the drying cost. Camping tours There is one final option for camping in Europe that I feel compelled to mention and that was completely unheard of to us.

We were awakened to the possibility when a huge tour bus roared up, as we were quietly cooking our dinner outside our tent, and fifty young people piled out and began assembling their city of blue tents around us. You have to be between 18 and 35 years old.

The reliability is assessed on the basis of various activities and behaviours camping guide europe the part of the user.

Here you can find details of 22.786 campsites in Europe and enter your own ratings.

Influencing factors are, amongst many others, the number and usefulness of ratings, the number and meaningfulness of pictures uploaded by the campsite visitor and the completeness of their profile. The higher the value from 0. This should give camping guide europe a rough indication and help you camping guide europe the ratings by fellow campers.

In England and Wales, things are a little stuffier. You can't do it unless the landowner has given you permission.

Camping in Europe – A First-Timer’s Guide

But once again, there are exceptions. It is generally accepted that wild camping is OK above the "intake walls" on mountain camping guide europe — these are the partitions between pasture and uncultivated land.

Camping guide europe campers are advised to keep their groups small, not stay for too long, camp at least m from a road, and try to pitch out of sight of farm settlements and houses.

Here's the lowdown on the law across Europe, and the best camping guide europe to pitch your tent. England and Wales Due to its welcoming rules on wild camping, Dartmoor is a safe bet, and free from the threat of angry farmers.

Aim for the southern bits, well out of range of the army firing ranges in the north.

Wild camping in Europe: how and where to do it

In camping guide europe Lake District, the shores of remote Styhead tarn are a popular wild camping spot, and provide a great base for climbing Scafell Pike or Great Gable. Scotland As discussed above, most of Scotland is your oyster.


The Falls of Falloch are an exhilarating spot for kayakers, who peel off the A82 running south from Crianlarich to the northern tip of Loch Lomond and furrow into footpaths along the river Falloch.

Secluded areas abound camping guide europe overnight pitching.

Camping In Europe | European Campsites | Alan Rogers

There are easier spots to find on the eastern shores of Loch Lomond, but don't expect much solitude in summer. The Hebrides are fantastic for wild camping — aim for the camping guide europe coast of Harris, between Horgabost and Scarista, for stunning views of Taransay.

France Wild camping guide europe in France is a legal grey area, but is generally tolerated with the permission of landowners, or if you're well away from tourist sites.

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