Denna standard ersätter SS-EN , utgåva 1. The European Standard EN has the status of a Swedish Standard. This document. BS EN Safety rules for the construction and installation of lifts. Particular applications for passenger and goods passenger lifts. Firefighters lifts. LEIA Retweeted Uncle Rich. New buildings >18m need BS EN firefighting lifts but what about existing buildings? BS has some guidance.

BS EN 81-72 PDF

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BS EN 81-72 PDF

General considerations A firefighting lift installation includes the lift car itself, the lift well and the lift machinery space, together with the lift control system and the lift communications system.

BS EN 81-72 PDF

Bs en 81-72 firefighting lift, unlike a normal passenger lift, is designed to operate so long as is practicable when there is a fire in parts of the building beyond the confines of the firefighting shaft, as it is used to transport firefighters and their equipment to a floor of their choice.

The lift can be used in normal times as a passenger lift by the occupants bs en 81-72 the building but, in order to prevent the risk of the entrance being obstructed when the lift is required to go into the firefighting mode, it should not be used for moving refuse, nor for moving goods.

In buildings provided with a single lift its use bs en 81-72 the transport of goods should be avoided unless essential, lift lobbies should be kept bs en 81-72, and when used for moving goods the doors should not be propped open to ensure that the lift remains at a particular level. Firefighting lift cars should be provided with a means of external rescue of trapped firefighters in the lift car.

The firefighters lift bs en 81-72 located in a well with a fire-protected lobby in front of every landing door. The area of each fire protected lobby is given by the requirements for the transportation of stretchers and the location of the doors in each single case If there are other lifts in the same lift well, then the common well fulfils the bs en 81-72 resistance requirements of a firefighters lift wells.

This level of fire resistance also applies to the fire protected lobby doors and machine room Where there is no intermediate fire wall to separate the Firefighting Lift from other lifts in a common lift well, then all lifts and their electrical equipment have the same fire protection as the Firefighting Lift, to assist correct functioning A bs en 81-72 power supply is provided, and located in a fire-protected area.

Reliability of power supplies and circuitry is essential bs en 81-72 the operation of the Firefighting Lift General A few more general considerations are: For further information refer to the standards, or contact the Cundall Vertical Transportation bs en 81-72 on Not the exposed triangular key switch described in the EN standard.

EN describes an emergency telephone system to facilitate the release of trapped passengers and lift engineers. The hardware installed to meet this standard is often used in part to meet EN standards.

BS EN 81-72 PDF

Contact your local Avire sales office for more information about selecting the correct Avire products to ensure you are compliant with EN -fire-fighting lift regulations.

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