In a bustling metropolis where magic is outlawed, a six-year-old child is found inside a locked bank vault. A scrap of paper reveals his name: Bran Hambric. The Farfield Curse has ratings and reviews. Sarah said: This is a great example of what Christopher Paolini SHOULD have done written the book. Bran Hambric: The Farfield Curse [Kaleb Nation, Marc Thompson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Bran Hambric was found alone in a.


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From the moment I picked it up, though, I was entertained and amused. Bran Hamb This book is aimed for but would be fine for the young adult crowd, in my opinion Bran Hambric is a bran hambric the fairfield curse, smart, fairly normal year-old, stuck in a household of loonies minus their housekeeper, Rosie.

Having been inexplicably found in a bank vault at the age of 6, Bran is taken in by the bank manager against much protest under the city of Dunce's "finders keepers" law hahaha.

The Farfield Curse

The Wilomas family takes care of Bran but he is definitely in a Harry Potter-like situation, given the worst of everything and treated like a second-class citizen in his own home. Until one night, Bran starts to get the idea that there's more to his story, and his past begins to catch up with him Eight years later the City of Dunce has bran hambric the fairfield curse about Bran.


Even his foster parents don''t seem to know he exists. But there are those who have been watching, biding their time, waiting to strike, people who know where Bran came from and why he was sent away.

N Hambric - Official Website

And they will doanything to get Bran back, dead or alive Welcome to a world unlike any other where the adventure of a lifetime is bran hambric the fairfield curse beginning. Getting to know Kaleb Nation: How did the idea for the story of Bran Hambric first come to you?

I was fourteen and lying bran hambric the fairfield curse bed, staring at the ceiling and thinking of an entirely different story I was working on Iwas homeschooled and my mom gave me lots of creative writing assignments.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, I imagined a boy and a banker waiting on a rooftop for a burglar.

The Farfield Curse (Bran Hambric, #1) by Kaleb Nation

For some reason, the image struck me, so that I almost immediately knew the background: I also knew that it was a fantasy world but in a modern setting. I immediately got up and wrote down a few pages of notes so I wouldn''t forget, and also wrote in my journal in the dark that I''d finally had "the bran hambric the fairfield curse.

The time was 9: You''re currently a college student, living in Dallas, Texas. Where are you from? I was born and lived in Bran hambric the fairfield curse Rock, Texas, until I started writing the book here, and can remember the house and location perfectly.

The surroundings were influential to certain locations in the book.

Bran Hambric: The Farfield Curse

Also, the Round Rock Public Library was a huge influence. Inwe moved to Bastrop, Texas, where I finished the novel and signed with my agent and publisher. Besides being a college student and first-time author, what are your other hobbies?

I blog regularly at KalebNation.

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