The Bourne Ultimatum movie available on Blu-ray, DVD, Digital HD and On Demand from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment. Watch The Bourne Ultimatum. Critics Consensus: The Bourne Ultimatum is an intelligent, finely tuned non-stop thrill ride. Another strong performance from Matt Damon and. The Bourne Ultimatum General Information Director Paul Greengrass Writer Tony Gilroy Scott Z. Burns George Nolfi Exec. Producer Frank Marshall Producer.


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Vosen and his team intercept the message and follow Landy as she leaves the building. However, the meeting is simply a diversion to allow him to enter Vosen's office and bourne ultimatum classified Blackbriar documents. Vosen recognizes the diversion after receiving a phone call from Bourne in which he states he is in Vosen's office.

Vosen frantically orders CIA officers back to his office to capture Bourne. Bourne escapes and enters into bourne ultimatum car chase with CIA officers and Paz. The chase ends with a crash in which Paz is seen injured but alive. Bourne, unharmed, aim his gun at him but spares his life and walks away.

Just outside the Treadstone facility, Bourne meets Landy and gives her the stolen documents from Vosen's office before entering the building. On his way back to his office, Vosen eventually works out that Landy gave Bourne an address in code when Landy told Bourne his date of birth.


Vosen races to bourne ultimatum facility where Landy finishes faxing away the Blackbriar documents that Bourne stole and walks away. Inside, Bourne meets Dr.

The Bourne Ultimatum Movie

Albert Hirsch, who ran Treadstone's psychological conditioning program. With his help, Bourne ultimatum remembers that, as Bourne ultimatum David Webb, he volunteered for the program and killed a man in cold blood to show his commitment to the program.

Horrified by the memory of what he did to complete his conditioning and to assume the Jason Bourne identity, he tells Hirsch, "I remember everything.

Bourne ultimatum no longer Jason Bourne. Paz reaches Bourne first and holds him at gunpoint. He demands to know why Bourne spared his life. Bourne ultimatum at what they make you give," says Bourne, repeating the dying words of the The Professorthe Treadstone operative from The Bourne Identity.

The Bourne Ultimatum | Netflix

Paz lowers his weapon, but Vosen appears and fires at Bourne just as he jumps from the roof into the East River below. Director Paul Greengrass still delivers a pulse-pounding blockbuster that retains the bourne ultimatum intensity of Supremacy, but he pushes audiences to not only recognize the seismic shift in our country, but to confront our complicity in it.

Leading bourne ultimatum to their conversation, we see Bourne attempt to make amends for bourne ultimatum other killings while dealing with new flashbacks that push his mind even further back as he attempts to remember how he even joined Treadstone in the first place.

Bourne, an expert at misdirection, versus an organization that can see everything. Greengrass always makes his action scenes click together brilliantly. The plot has the same level of intensity as the action scenes even though no punches are being thrown and no vehicles are smashing into each other.


Bourne ultimatum was used but not abused in Supremacy. Bywe knew that the U. We never see Blackbriar go after a single terrorist.

Every action it takes is bourne ultimatum of self-preservation. Lucy Liemann plays Lucy, a Blackbriar technician. Franka Potente has an uncredited appearance in a flashback as Marie Kreutz, Bourne's murdered girlfriend.

The Bourne Ultimatum

Bourne is a real man in a real world in pursuit of a mythic quest. What's wonderful is that it's an oppositional story. Is he a killer, or was bourne ultimatum made to be a killer?

There is an underlying feeling that Bourne is one of us, and he's running away from "them. bourne ultimatum


They're all bad, and the system's corrupted.

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