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Eric bosque comestible permacultura worked for many Massachusetts farming NGOs. Eric's writings and photos can be viewed at PerennialSolutions. With over 30 years experience, she utilizes whole system design techniques to co-create, with clients, environmentally sound solutions that inspire sustainable actions.

Through her businesses, Agro-Ecology Northwest and Cascadia Landscape Design she develops master plans incorporating her signature style; the integration of multiple bosque comestible permacultura for year-round productivity, efficiency and beauty in urban and rural settings.

Bosques Comestibles para Todos / FrontPage

Jude works with Salmon Safe and LIVE Low-Input Viticulture and Enology where she encourages farmers to apply best management practices for optimizing resource conservation, biodiversity, integrated pest management, watershed enhancement, and income diversification.

Jude wrote the publication: A Guide to Multi-Functional Hedgerows for Oregon State University and is engaged in ongoing research to demonstrate the environmental and economic value bosque comestible permacultura these plantings in a variety of climates.

As an educator she brings her passion for Permaculture to her workshops, which have been adapted for audiences throughout the U. She has taught through the University bosque comestible permacultura Oregon and works with their Center for the Advancement of Sustainable Living, a state-of-the-art demonstration home for low-impact living.

Jude is the steward of Wilson Creek Gardens, a homestead and permaculture demonstration site on 7 acres of diverse microclimates in Cottage Grove, Oregon.

Curso Bosque Comestible y Permacultura

She is actively involved in local efforts to promote sustainability and food security and was bosque comestible permacultura founding member of the Willamette Farm and Food Coalition and has been instrumental bosque comestible permacultura organizing the Eugene and Cottage Grove Permaculture Guilds.

Her practical experience has been gained while living in both rural and urban locations. She is an authority on permaculture economics and is a leading political figure in the creation of a Vermont State bank.


We filmed her at the Montpelier Capital building. Eric Bosque comestible permacultura Eric has spent twenty years exploring edible and useful plants of the world and their use in perennial agroecosystems.


bosque comestible permacultura His current project is promoting perennial farming systems, including agroforestry and perennial staple crops, as a strategy to sequester carbon while restoring degraded lands, and providing food, fuel and income, and ecosystem services.

Eric is a founding Board member of the Apios Institute for Regenerative Perennial Agriculture and recently founded the Bosque Comestible project, an online Spanish-language user-generated database of useful perennials for Mesoamerica and the Caribbean, with an international team.

He has conducted nearly site development consultations across New England and facilitated dozens of bosque comestible permacultura on permaculture design, property selection, microclimate design, and design for climate change.

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He is the founder of Whole Bosque comestible permacultura Design, and is researching cold climate permaculture farming at his site in Vermont. He is a leading authority on permaculture homesteading.

We filmed him at his own homestead. She is a co-founder of bosque comestible permacultura Mobile Design Lab, a collective of designers transforming spaces and environmental policies in western, MA. He is using the power and strength of forest ecology to grow apples in a way that mimics natural succession, and he has spent 20 years debunking the belief that apples cannot survive without pesticides.


He is a designer and teacher based out of Albany, NY, and he is the founder of the Radix Ecological Sustainability Center there, where we filmed.

Steve Whitman Steve is bosque comestible permacultura professional planner, permaculture teacher, and educator based in New Hampshire.

He is bosque comestible permacultura faculty member at Plymouth State University and teaches courses both in the US and internationally on permaculture design and community planning. He also collaborates with others as a planning consultant assisting municipalities and watersheds bosque comestible permacultura build resilient communities through ecological design.

He has converted his half acre suburban property into a thriving permaculture demonstration site focused on energy efficiency, habitat creation, and veganic food production. We filmed at his home in Plymouth, NH.

Permacultura Barcelona

The farm is inspired by no-till methods presented by Masanobu Fukoaka, and it is producing a great amount bosque comestible permacultura staple food crops while continually building soil health. The farm is located in Berea, KY, where we did our filming.

We also captured her selling produce at the Berea market.

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