A provisional Hymn Section of the Book of Praise, Anglo-Genevan Psalter, was submitted to General the Book of Praise, as they were approved since of the Book of Praise of the Canadian Reformed Churches. All rights reserved. Copyright © , , Biblica. Used by permission of The Book of Praise: Anglo-Genevan Psalter has an important function within the worship services. (As published in the recent issue of Clarion) The New Book of Praise George van Popta At long last, the new Book of Praise is printed and.


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Sorry, I book of praise 1984 know Dutch either! But it's comprehensible enough to get what we're looking for: Inheritance Publications is the work of Roelof and Theresa Janssen. They have many books and recordings available here, including many of the Genevan Psalter.

I especially recommend anything you can find from The Children of Asaph: Calvin College's recording of 12 Genevan tunes is well worth listening to.

Book of Praise: Anglo-Genevan Psalter (, Hardcover, Revised) | eBay

The Ensemble Goudimel has a recording of a few Genevan tunes in several settings, in French. This site includes other recordings of Genevan Psalms which I haven't heard. Jan Karman is arranging the first line of each Genevan tune into fugues for book of praise 1984 organ performance.


The rhyming had to be intelligible book of praise 1984 the music of a high quality. Ina songbook was published containing 82 Psalms and 14 hymns. To this was added, ina Supplement, 34 more Psalms and 19 hymns. Most, though not all, of the Psalms were set to Genevan tunes. Synod made some significant decisions.

It instructed the committee to include in the Psalter, at this point and thereafter called book of praise 1984 Book of Praisehymns of other parts of scripture and of the confessions. As to the melodies of the Psalms, the Synod did not restrict the committee to Genevan tunes but said that other appropriate melodies could be used.

Genevan Psalter: Book of Praise (1984)

The committee was also authorized to publish, book of praise 1984 way of exception, two different versions of the same Psalm one, on a Genevan tune, one on a different tune if not doing this would possibly result in the Psalm never being sung because of the melody.

Even though Synods had said that the committee did not need to restrict itself to the Genevan melodies for the Psalms, the committee did. In its report to Synodthe committee said: The ultimate aim of Deputies i.

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They would like to emphasize the phrase "on the Genevan tunes. The second part of the suggestion, however, implies that Deputies, will no longer avail themselves of the opportunity offered by the Edmonton Synodnamely that they did not have to limit themselves to the Genevan tunes, but were at liberty to use different tunes so long book of praise 1984 these served the purpose of the congregational singing, namely the praise of the Lord.

Genevan Psalter: Book of Praise – The Psalms and Canticles Project

Deputies are now of the opinion that they should not make use of this possibility. They have come to the unanimous conclusion, after many lengthy discussions, not to recommend to the Churches to add another one to the many existing Psalters, which are composed of a number of tunes well-known in the Anglo-Saxon world together with beloved Book of praise 1984 tunes.

Laughlin, All rights reserved.

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