Translate Bohrsche postulate [auch bohr 'sche postulate bohr postulate]. See Spanish-English translations with audio pronunciations, examples, and. In atomic physics, the Bohr magneton (symbol μB) is a physical constant and the natural unit for By postulating that the ratio of electron kinetic energy to orbital frequency should be equal to h, Richard Gans computed a value that was twice. German-English Dictionary: Translation for bohrsche Postulate.


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Bohr magneton

bohrsche postulate It encapsulates everything that can be known about that system before an observation; there are no additional "hidden parameters". The properties of the system are subject to a bohrsche postulate of incompatibility. Certain properties cannot be jointly defined for the same system at the same time.


The incompatibility is expressed quantitatively by Heisenberg's uncertainty principle. For example, bohrsche postulate a particle at a particular instant has a definite location, it is meaningless to speak of its momentum at that instant. During an observationthe system must interact with a laboratory device.

When that device makes a measurement, the wave function bohrsche postulate the systems is said to collapse, or irreversibly reduce to an eigenstate of the observable that is registered.

This was particularly emphasized by Bohr, and was accepted by Heisenberg. This principle is called the Born ruleafter Max Born. The bohrsche postulate function expresses a necessary and fundamental wave—particle duality.

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This should be reflected in ordinary language accounts of experiments. An experiment can show particle-like properties, or wave-like properties, according to the complementarity principle of Niels Bohr.

When quantum numbers are bohrsche postulate, they refer to properties which closely match those of the classical description. This is the correspondence principle of Bohrsche postulate and Heisenberg.

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Metaphysics of the wave function[ edit ] The Copenhagen interpretation denies that the wave function provides a directly apprehensible image of an ordinary material body or a discernible component of some such, [16] [17] or anything more than a theoretical concept.

In metaphysical terms, the Copenhagen interpretation views bohrsche postulate mechanics as providing knowledge of phenomena, but not as pointing bohrsche postulate 'really existing objects', which it regarded as residues of ordinary intuition.

This makes it an epistemic theory.

Bohrsches Atommodell by Ali Harmanci on Prezi

This may bohrsche postulate contrasted with Einstein's view, that physics should look for 'really existing objects', making itself an ontic theory. Bellthat Einstein opposed the Copenhagen interpretation because he believed that the bohrsche postulate to that question of "hidden variables" was "yes".

That allegation has achieved mythical potency, but is mistaken. Countering that myth, Max Jammer writes "Einstein never proposed a hidden variable theory.

This term is rejected by many Copenhagenists [23] because the process of observation is mechanical and does not depend on the individuality of the observer.

On the other hand, Bohrsche postulate and Heisenberg were not in complete agreement, and they held different views at different times. Heisenberg in particular was prompted to move towards realism.

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We use that freedom to avoid paradoxes. The phrase "statistical interpretation", referring to the "ensemble interpretation", often indicates an interpretation of the Born rule somewhat bohrsche postulate from the Copenhagen interpretation.


The "statistical" or "ensemble" interpretation, bohrsche postulate the other hand, is explicitly agnostic about whether the information in the wave function is exhaustive of what might be known in advance. It sees itself as more 'minimal' bohrsche postulate the Copenhagen interpretation in its claims.

It only goes as far as saying that on every occasion of observation, some actual value of some property is found, and that such values are found probabilistically, as detected by many occasions of observation of the same system. The many occurrences of the system are said to constitute an 'ensemble', and they jointly reveal the probability through these occasions of observation.

Though they all have the same wave function, the elements of the ensemble might not be identical to one bohrsche postulate in all respects, according to the 'agnostic' interpretations.

They may, for all we know, beyond current knowledge and beyond bohrsche postulate wave function, have individual distinguishing properties.

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