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They should be able to complete the work in the hook without outside assistance. Mast importantly, it is written in such a way bohinski biochemistry good students can learn how to work problems.

Kansas Outlines of Biochemistry. Stumpf, University of California, Davis.

This is the fourth edition of a well-known and bohinski biochemistry utilized textbook originally de- signed to introduce students who are pri- marily not majors in biochemistry t o the di- verse subject matter bohinski biochemistry modern biochemistry. The authors' emphasis is still, although to a somewhat bohinski biochemistry extent than in the earlier editions, on the use of intermedi- ary metabolism as a major route for the transmission of information.

Modern Concepts In Biochemistry

As in the earlier editions, this approach is logical and this logic is evidenced by the sensible organization of the hook into three parts and 20 chapters. The two appendices containing bohinski biochemistry series bohinski biochemistry buffer andpH problems and a brief resume of modern methods in biochemistry will probably be useful and can certainly serve to acquaint relatively unso- phisticated students with the material.

Current concepts in these areas must be a t least briefly alluded to and in some cases must be fairly extensively covered if there is to be any understanding at all.


This entails steady growth in the size of such texts with each new edition. Bohinski biochemistry addition, there must be a concomitant increase in the complexity and sophistication of the treatment of almost all of the subiects covered.

The authors have addressed themselves to this problem and have, in most eases, been remarkably straightforward and clear in their treatment were usually resolved on the side of increased size and complexity rather than shallow over-simplification.

This probably was the correct choice to make but it has resulted in a hook that is large and at times perhaps somewhat too detailed for its intended au- bohinski biochemistry.

Overall the hook is very readable and, bohinski biochemistry might he expected from a text which has gone through several editions and has been translated broadly, there are few typo- graphical or other errors.


The illustrations are remarkably clear and singularly well chosen and aoorooriate to the text. Conn and Stumpf have succeeded in the revision of a well-written, well-produced textbook which will serve bohinski biochemistry stated Dumose.


The book is well-written and is unique in that a bohinski biochemistry sational tone is used whieh makes i t both in- terestine and "easv" to read. Manv illustra- Overall the book is physically attractive and appealing to the bohinski biochemistry.

In the preface, the author indicates that the book is meant to be neither "encyclopedic nor cursory.

Modern Concepts in Biochemistry by Robert C. Bohinski (1986, Hardcover)

The author alsostates that the text could be used for either a one or two semester course. When used for a one semester course, the instructor would need to be judicious in his selection of reading as- signments. Literature citations are included at bohinski biochemistry end of each chapter which should he valuable to hoth the instructor and the mo- tivated student.

Problem exercises are also and quantity. An impressive part of the hook is the ap- parent concern of the author that the student understand the basic chemical principles underlying biochemistry. Far example, before the chapters on amino acidsand proteins bohinski biochemistry presented, a thorough treatment of ionic equilibrium and a c i d - h e chemistry is given.

Chemical kinetics is reviewed before enzyme kinetics is considered. A chapter an chemical thermodynamics which included an excellent treatment of high energy biomolecules and coupling is given before metabolic reaction sequences are presented.

The energetics of electron transfers between molecules is re- just memorized chemical structures and re- action sequences.

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