: Time Trap (Bionicle Adventures, No. 10) by Greg Farshtey and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books. Time Trap has 99 ratings and 4 reviews. Jerome said: Probably the best entry in the whole series, one that does a nice job wrapping up the entire storyli. Jump to Time Trap - There Vakama tells them that he needs to go back to get the Mask of Time. He tells the others to continue their journey and then he.


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Mutran at one point muses bionicle time trap usually he disposes of failed experiments, but in the case of "this hissing, biting, and incredibly toxic creation", he'll make an exception and present it to Chirox as a gift.


He also once had a pet rock that bionicle time trap accidentally left behind on a certain island during a mission there. Though disappointed at losing his project, he shrugs it off and forgets about it.

BIONICLE / Funny - TV Tropes

Fast forward a few thousand years, and the thing has somehow grown into a carnivorous mountain. Antroz makes his own rhymes in the middle of battle with Pohatu.

All of the Brotherhood of Makuta were quite well-versed in the ways of the Deadpan Snarker. Nuju would rather die than spend time with Matau.

Tahu would like to know Onua's thoughts on how to proceed into battle. More importantly, are there any explosions? In Time Trap fromthe Shadowed One was asked if someone's hand should bionicle time trap cut off for insubordination.

Time Trap (Bionicle Adventures, No. 10): Greg Farshtey: : Books

He replied bionicle time trap enough hands had been removed that year, referencing the amount of hand-chopping in the Star Wars movie that had been released a few months prior. The slapstick can get tiresome, but the Playground's animations mostly hit home, especially if you imagine the Piraka with their canonical personalities doing all the goofups.


In Reign of Shadows, when bionicle time trap alternate version of Tarduk introduces himself to Vezon, Vezon quickly ducks down, only to look around and realize there was no tar flying through the air in his direction.

Turaga Takanuva of The Kingdom alternate universe leads his main-universe counterpart to the Nynrah Ghosts, who prove their reputation for secrecy is well-founded.

This is Turaga Takanuva.


I have a troop of Bohrok with nothing to do. If you'd like, I can tell them to tear down this building and turn it into a park.

Lewa's Deadpan Snarker bionicle time trap can help relieve even the most difficult of situations. At one point, he comes up with a plan to get into the Piraka fortress.

How to do that?

Bionicle Adventures - Wikipedia

Stand in bionicle time trap of the door, let Reidak swing a punch at him, and bionicle time trap aside at the last moment, knocking the door in. Nokama and Matau got along pretty well, and retrieved their Great Disks from a sea monster's mouth and a soon-to-implode force sphere, respectively.

Vakama, however, was stuck with the abrasive Onewa, but they pulled together to get their disks from a fire pit and the top of a tall, precariously balanced statue.

Nuju and Whenua also weren't a good bionicle time trap, as their home districts have had a long-standing rivalry, but they worked together to get their disks: Nuju's frozen at the top of a Knowledge Tower, and Whenua's hidden among the artifacts in the Archives.

Eventually, the Toa Metru were able to rescue the Matoran, find the Great Disks, and bionicle time trap and destroy the king root of the Morbuzakh, putting an end to its reign of terror and leaving absolutely nothing of the plant, except for the damage it had caused.

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