Comments: Short note on BGV theorem. Subjects: General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology (gr-qc). Cite as: arXiv [gr-qc]. Concerning the BGV theorem Craig is correct in saying that the result holds for any geodesic observer with a non-comoving congruence of time-like geodesic test particles which is on average (over the past) expanding (in a generalized sense, within general relativity), in the sense that such an observer geodesic is. Any theorem is only as good as its assumptions. The BGV theorem says that if the universe is on average expanding along a given worldline.


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Dr Michael G Strauss: The Significance of the BGV Theorem

Whatever the possibilities for the boundary, it is clear that unless the averaged expansion condition can somehow be avoided for all past-directed geodesics, inflation alone is not sufficient to provide a complete description of bgv theorem Universe, and some new physics is necessary in order to determine the correct conditions at the boundary.

This is the chief bgv theorem of our paper.

The result depends on just one assumption: Physical Review Letters 90, ; emphasis added Vilenkin would later seem to state this point even more explicitly: A remarkable thing about this theorem is its sweeping generality. We made no assumptions about bgv theorem material content of the universe.


The only assumption that we made was that the expansion rate of the universe never gets below some nonzero value, no matter how bgv theorem. This assumption should certainly be satisfied in bgv theorem inflating false vacuum.

The conclusion is that past-eternal inflation without a beginning is impossible.

The philosophical context of the kalam cosmological argument demonstrates the necessary existence of God and from this sophisticated standpoint can the creationist then construct chronological theories regarding the actual history of the cosmos having already dealt with what logically should come first, namely a necessary cause to time itself.

Gordon and William A. Dembski, The Nature bgv theorem Nature: Nathan Oaklander, Time, Change and Freedom: Introduction to Metaphysics Routledge Bgv theorem Pressbgv theorem.

Did the Universe Begin? III: BGV Theorem » Undivided Looking

A Status Reportpg. One bgv theorem the most often discussed papers dealing with our past was published by Arvind Borde, Alan H. In this paper, the authors show that any universe which is on average expanding has a timeline that cannot be infinite into the past, it must have had a beginning when it started to expand.

Since our universe is known to be expanding this theorem seems bgv theorem require that it had a beginning. Furthermore, the author of the Arizona Atheist blog asked Vilenkin if his theorem with Guth and Borde proves that the universe had a beginning, and Vilenkin responded: This is often the bgv theorem, but certainly not scientific, response of someone who has themselves formed a theory already.

Many inflating spacetimes are likely to violate the weak energy condition, a key assumption of singularity theorems.

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