Saya tulis sebagai materi sharing belajar bareng mikrokontroler AVR bersama Silakan download artikel pengenalan BASCOM AVR disini . Hi semua,. Sudah taukah kalian bahwa Bascom AVR telah merilis versi terbarunya, yaitu versi ? Yah, versi ini dirilis pada 24 Desember. Suppose you have a Bascom program that is in a Loop doing something If you use another type of AVR controller, use the Bascom *.def file to check which  Missing: belajar ‎| ‎Must include: ‎belajar.


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An example for generating output pulses: At every overflow, a Timer0 interrupt belajar bascom avr and Pulse: In the interrupt routine the state of Portb. The result is a nice square wave with an on and off time of app.

Introduction To BASCOM AVR

The AT90S is pretty fast! Try a prescale value of 1 and observe the result on Portb.


The on and off time is app. Try this out by inserting an Cls command in the interrupt routine. Other timings In the examples shown thus far, the interrupt was belajar bascom avr on a timer overflow.

This means that the timings we can realise are limited to certain number dependant on clock speed, prescaler ratio and timer register width.

One way of choosing exact timings is to not let the timer run free from zero to maximum to zero etc. We can choose this value such that the belajar bascom avr it takes to get from this value to overflow is exactly the time we need: Timer1 will thus count from to before overflowing and generating an interrupt.

Counting external pulses Timer0 and Timer1 can be configured to count external pulses on the T0 and T1 input pins: You can also choose to have the input pulses prescaled before counting.

Especially Timer1 is belajar bascom avr to act as external pulse counter as it can count to before overflowing. The names Timerx, Counterx and Capturex in Bascom programs all refer to the same registers, so for example the names Timer1 and Counter1 can be mixed in a program, although that would not be good programming practice.

Jam Digital dengan Alarm - BELAJAR - MIKROKONTROLER

Note that when Timer0 and Timer1 are used to count external pulses, the controller will sample the input the level on the input pin at belajar bascom avr controller clock rate. This means that to accurately count input pulses, the pulse frequency must never be higher than half the controller clock frequency.


So, for a clock of 4MHz, do not try to count faster than 1. After a 25 millisecond wait, Counter1 is stopped and its value is written to the Lcd.

Source Code CVAVR for RTC DS1307

Note that timing with a Waitms command is not very belajar bascom avr, there are better ways. Slowly increase the pulse generator frequency and observe what happens above 1. Timer1 can count to If that is not enough, you can generate an interrupt on Timer1 overflow and keep track of the number of overflows in an interrupt routine: Incr Overflcounter Return End Three variables are dimensioned: Overflowcounter bit Word keeps track of the number of Timer1 overflows Timercounter bit Word has the actual value of Timer1 Totalcounter bit Long gets the value of Overflowcounter shifted 16 places to the left plus belajar bascom avr value of Timercounter.


Timer1 Capture Timer1 can be configured in the 'Capture' mode.

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