El Papagayo Restaurant / Ernesto Bedmar. - 14 July, El Papagayo Restaurant / Ernesto Bedmar, © Gonzalo Viramonte © Gonzalo Viramonte. In this captivating collection of five houses built in five different Asian countries, Argentinean born designer Ernesto Bedmar creatively reinvents the aspects of. Bedmar & Shi. Bedmar & Shi. Category. Architects. Location: Singapore, Singapore. About · Contact · Press · Legal · Imprint · Advertise · Monographs.


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These five houses, located in India, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia and New Zealand, demonstrate the flexibility of the designer s trademark tropical architecture into a diverse set of modern designs that deeply resonate with the places, the traditions bedmar and shi the people that inhabit them.

5 in Five - BEDMaR & Shi

The slab of the Living Room floor is pulled away from the floor of bedmar and shi garden room, creating a gap or void into the lower level. The visitor crosses over this void on light glass-floored bridges that accentuate the separation between the two structures.

Toward the back of the Living room, a larger void opens up to a wide courtyard space that connects up from basement bedmar and shi to the attic and spans between the two stone walls at the sides of the house. This courtyard is also traversed only by the delicate glass bridges at each level.

Bedmar and shi openness of this space and physical separation between forms promotes the movement of light and air through the house which is, other than the view out of to the ocean at the back, mainly internally focused.


Vertically and horizontally, the courtyard is tied together by a grid of large timber members that double as display shelves and bedmar and shi the eye up from the basement to the attic as well as visually knit the two side walls of the house together.

The materials used in the house are a mixture of rustic natural finishes such as the roughly worked rubble walls, naturally finished teak, roughly finished textured plaster walls, as well bedmar and shi highly polished modern materials like stainless steel and glass flooring on the bridges between spaces.

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Just as the spaces within the house are separated from each other with gaps and voids, the junctions between the various materials used in the house are most often divided by grooves, gaps, intermediate layers and recessed channels.

Fortunately he fell in love with the site upon his first visit to our land! We also truly feel that food is a critical part of an bedmar and shi holiday and wanted to ensure that appropriate allocation was bedmar and shi to allow for inspired cooking productions.

In addition to traditional and integrative architecture lay outs, light and space were most assertively an important part of the brief.


The most inspiring element of the brief however, was the site itself and its stunning location! The guest pavilions were rather difficult element to achieve, as we were bedmar and shi able to provide them with views, and thus needed to come up with a solution of internal views.

This at the end became a plus for the project and a truly enjoyable challenge. Since this was a home for us to enjoy not only alone, but very much as well with our family and friends, it was important that our guests spend time with us in the common areas of the living pavilions, swimming pool bedmar and shi and gardens as opposed to be cloistered in their pavilions.

The Bali Villas. Bedmar & Shi / Oscar Riera Ojeda Publishers on Vimeo

Yet gorgeous private quarters for all, in which to retreat when desired, was essential. Yes from Day 1, it was clear that this was to be a holiday home with a very relaxed atmosphere and, to some extent, a very communal living, while remaining very private in terms of the individual buildings.

How did that translate bedmar and shi the design?


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