The travel and hospitality industries are a place where you can combine your love of people and places with your passion for organisation and customer service. In this blog post, we are going to review everything you need to know about becoming an independent travel agent, including what it will cost. How to Become a Travel Agent Online. Being an online travel agent has become a popular stay-at-home job over the years. There are numerous Internet travel.


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These educational and entertaining guides will teach you about the travel industry in general and the specifics on beginning your satisfying career as a professional travel consultant, all while saving you hours and hours of searching online for information that may becoming a travel agent may not be reliable.

How to Work-at-Home as a Travel Agent

Carefully weigh your agency becoming a travel agent and perform background research. Sites like Host Agency Reviews guide you through the process, offering tips on how to find the best travel agency that becoming a travel agent your needs. Perks of Becoming a Travel Agent: Aside from being a great home-based business opportunity, becoming a travel agent offers some amazing perks.

Cruise lines, hotels and tour guides know that the best way for you to sell their services is to become familiar with them yourself—so they offer all kinds of perks, including complementary and deeply discounted fares, as well as opportunities to use their services and explore all your amazing options.

What're your favourite things about working in the Travel Industry? My favourite things about working in the travel industry are the opportunities to travel and to put the best face forward becoming a travel agent the area that I promote.

I also find that my colleagues in the industry are a fun-loving, gregarious, hard-working group that I becoming a travel agent spending time with. The creativity that is involved in promoting an area means that you are constantly learning and thinking of new things to offer and new ways to share information.


How long does it take to become becoming a travel agent travel agent? There are no industry standards for education and training for travel agents, so one can begin working in this field after high school graduation.

What does a travel agent earn?

Becoming a Travel Advisor - Education / Careers - ASTA

The American Society of Travel Agents ASTA has a salary tool on its website that becoming a travel agent give prospective travel agents a better idea of the pay they can expect to receive with different levels of experience and responsibility.

What are the job prospects? And since you are working remotely, your morning commute is only as long as it takes you to get from your bed to your home office.

Alternatively, you opt to rent a desk at your host agency, a local co-working space… or even work from your favorite coffee shop!

How to Become a Travel Agent

As long as you have a steady phone and internet connection, you can do your job. You are completely location independent — which may come in handy, because this job comes with a lot of travel perks!

You see, travel suppliers e. The purpose of FAMs is not only to becoming a travel agent you on becoming a travel agent destination, but also to deepen your relationship the suppliers. Good travel agents will also take advantage of the great marketing opportunities that FAMs provide.

Sharing your travels via videos and photographs not only drives interest from your social network; it also subtly positions you as an in-the-know travel expert with first-hand experience.

Becoming a Travel Advisor

As a new agent, you can realistically expect at least one FAM trip within your first year, usually to the destination in which you plan on specializing. That said, we regularly see high-producing agents receive multiple, fully-comped FAM invites each year, especially as they begin to sell more and more of a particular destination.

It is hard to assign an exact dollar amount to the FAM invitations you will receive, but there are many great opportunities out there for strong sellers that can literally add tens of thousands of dollars to your overall becoming a travel agent.

What are the downsides of becoming a travel agent an independent travel agent?

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