Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page BattleTech, the turn-based strategy title from Harebrained Schemes, came Picking up the bodies of your fallen soldiers and fighting your way. The Battletroops Rulebook contains the guidelines that allow players to conduct infantry-based small unit actions in the Battletech Universe of the pre-Clan.


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What we end battletech battle troops with is a marginalization of many of the weapon systems in the game. There is far less variety within weapon classes beyond the sum of the AP and BD values.

15mm, or 28mmDeath for the new battletroops

We need a change. While slightly more complex adding 1 more stepit creates a more varied experience. This cannot reduce the remaining damage battletech battle troops less than 1 and does not replace the normal 1 fatigue suffered every time a character takes damage.

In addition we also convert the damage remaining to fatigue for every point the BAR exceeds the AP this would be 2, same as the original damage reduction. The final damage suffered is only 1 damage but 3 fatigue. All of a sudden we have a more diverse choice in weapons because the damage they inflict is more varied.

Effective armor now further reduces the damage taken, however, you are also more likely to find yourself in situations where you are forced to duck for cover to recover fatigue or risk getting battletech battle troops out prematurely.

More strategy and risk vs.


Burst Firing for Accuracy Accuracy through volume. This is not meant to replace the rules as written but rather be an additional option. Damage is applied as though battletech battle troops single shot was fired do not use the burst fire damage value.

Grenades Grenades and satchel charges are overpowered.

ScrapYard Armory » Blog Archive » BattleTroops Reborn in A Time of War

Almost all of my games from the Beta were settled with a single grenade throw. The fact battletech battle troops they explode immediately after being thrown has an unbalancing effect on the game battletech battle troops when high initiative characters are the ones doing the delivery.

Make sure you follow the guidelines presented in the Action Complexity Table page It costs a simple action to ready or stow a weapon. You have to ready a grenade before you can throw it and more importantly you have to stow any weapons you are using before you can even ready that grenade. A thrown grenade will explode after X completed activations, where X is half the number of active characters in the game when the grenade was thrown rounded up.

Suppressing Fire The suppression fire rules were tweaked from the Beta release and are much better for it. Though it still needs adjustment.

BattleTroops (Rulebook)

The mechanic should be about area denial and a true threat to your opponents. In middle to end game situations you need it to clear stuns, run for battletech battle troops or finish off a wounded opponent.


However, before forces have mixed it up in earnest, there is an overwhelming temptation to hold action with every soldier you can in order to act last.

Vehicles Old Crow does some neat 25mm vehicles that are relatively in expensive especially when you need only two that could work decently with 30mm. Antenociti's Workshop battletech battle troops a few others make decent 30mm sci-fi vehicles that aren't horribly expensive.

ClanTroops - BattleTechWiki

Currently you have more diversity in 30mm sci-fi infantry then in decent 15mm infantry some of the sculpts are horrible, some are wonderfullvehicle wise 15mm wins hands down, Mech wise I think 30mm is currently better available then 15mm, that battletech battle troops change now that RavenStar has entered the 15mm scene.

If you want to use N-scale vehicles, Mechs battletech battle troops terrain, why use 15mm infantry when you have a large pool of actual BT compatible infantry in the correvct scale?


I also like Micropanzer.

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