Patrolling the Koronus Passage, Battlefleet Koronus provides a bulwark for the Calixis Sector against the horrors that lurk within the depth of the Halo Stars. With the release of Battlefleet Koronus, FFG have given us the ability to engage in starship battles to rival those found in that game. Has anyone used these ground warfare rules? On reading they seem to be ham-fisted, poorly written and badly laid out. Though most of the.


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Unfortunately, the resulting quality of these books is not as high.

Battlefleet Koronus

It's the problem of making a copy of a copy. We mark clearly which battle fleet koronus titles come from scanned image books so that you can make an informed purchase decision about the quality of what you will receive.

Original electronic format These ebooks were created from the original electronic layout files, and therefore are fully text searchable. Also, their file size tends battle fleet koronus be smaller than scanned image books.

Most newer books are in the original electronic format. Most Rogue Traders avoid direct conflict with Navy vessels in the Expanse. However, once beyond battle fleet koronus Maw or Metis Base, the laws of the Imperium mean nothing, and the only authority a Navy vessel has is that which is wrought by cold steel and Macrobatteries.

Battlefleet Koronus Ground Warfare - Rogue Trader - FFG Community

Some Rogue Traders do not take kindly on what they see as the prying eyes of the Imperium investigating their business, and may show their displeasure with action. However, a Navy ship has far worse threats to contend with in the form battle fleet koronus Chaos Reavers, pirate wolfpacks, Ork FreebootersEldar Corsairand the dreaded Rak'Golnot to mention the dangers of Warp Storms, grav-tides, battle fleet koronus, or a host of other "natural" threats.

The Long Patrol is a coveted responsibility for the chance to win glory and honour, but it is a highly dangerous task just the same. Patrols of Note Edit Battlefleet Koronus regards certain Long Patrols as particularly important, assigning them trusted captains and reliable vessels.

However, ever since the loss of the Light Cruiser Rhadamanthine during a reconnaissance of the region, the Navy has chosen discretion for their patrols.

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Retrofitted for battle fleet koronus extremely extended deployment, the Frigate may remain there for several decades, though Commander Larren Volos occasionally patrols nearby star systems to see how far the Ork infestation spreads.

Investigating the Alenic Depths - As the Rak'Gol threat grows, Battlefleet Koronus has dispatched the Falchion-class Frigate Swift Judgement to the edges of the Alenic Depths in hopes to gather battle fleet koronus information about these mysterious xenos.


Commander Halik Kail is under orders to exercise extreme caution, but the vast distance and stellar disturbances means communications with the ship have been sporadic at best. Piracy in Winterscale's Realm - One of the few "explored" regions of the Expanse, the worlds in Winterscale's Realm are mostly likely to have regular contact and trade with the Imperium.

Battle fleet koronus far, the captain has destroyed three pirate vessels and taken two additional raiders as prizes -- success enough that the scattered pirate clans of the region are banding together battle fleet koronus an attempt to destroy her.

Struggles in the Foundling Worlds - Endeavours in the Foundling Worlds have suffered of late, from plagues, Warp Storms, and raids by pirates and xenos. The Sword-class Frigate Battle fleet koronus Majoris, Commander Helgrom McKrale commanding, has been patrolling the Foundling Worlds for the past five years, and has found itself caught in the midst of conflict.

Of particular threat are the Battle fleet koronus Reavers of Iniquity, and the Scintilla Majoris engaged them in several desperate battles within the last few years.

Now, running low on supplies and ammunition, McKrale searches for a safe port where he can repair, re-provision, and reinforce his depleted crew. Zone 15 A starship begins passage through battle fleet koronus Jericho-Maw Warp Gate Originally the Fifth Station of Passage through the Maw, within the last century Passage Watch Est has blockaded this small, barren star system itself outside the more explored portions of the Koronus Passage and a vast battle fleet koronus of surrounding space and declared it off-limits to any unauthorised vessels.

Battlefleet Koronus | Warhammer 40k | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Few Rogue Traders or any non-Navy personnel, really know what secrets lie within its borders. In truth, Zone 15 was established on discovery of a marvellous battle fleet koronus, an ancient xenos Warp Gate that allows ships to travel across the galaxy to the far-flung Jericho Reach in the Eastern Fringe.


Originally, Passage Watch Est merely watched over the gate as Adepts from the Adeptus Mechanicus investigated its mechanism and, more importantly, where it lead.

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