Review the key ideas in the book Bankable Leadership by Tasha Eurich in a condensed Soundview Executive Book Summary. Summaries & book reviews of. Excerpt from "Bankable Leadership: Happy People, Bottom Line Results, and the But effective leadership has an undeniable business value. Bankable Leadership has 44 ratings and 4 reviews. April said: Great bookThis was a great book. I like the writing style and practical examples. I am co.


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As leaders we want bankable leadership recognize our team even for small achievements, yet we also want to raise the bar. How do those go together?


Bankable leaders are strategic about bankable leadership way they use gratitude and appreciation. I like to illustrate this with a story.

A leader I worked with wanted to recognize her team for working really hard on a project. One Friday morning, she brought in bankable leadership and her team was psyched. They devoured the bagels, everything was good, the bankable leadership was lighter.

The Bankable Leadership Assessment

Everybody was happy, and bankable leadership was well. Gratitude cannot be a blanket strategy. The first is to differentiate recognition.

Instead, come up with a desirable but scarce reward. A good example bankable leadership when Apple releases new products. They never seem to make enough, so people line up around the block for them. Could you do that in your team?

Bankable Leadership

Is there some coveted recognition you could save for the top performer? Or the top ten percent of your performers?

As soon as people start to see a pattern, the reward becomes an expectation rather than a perk. Doing something twice is usually enough to create bankable leadership pattern, and when employees see patterns, they develop expectations. Over the past couple of decades research has bankable leadership that happy people perform better.

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Scientists used to think that superior athletes achieved greatness because bankable leadership biological differences. But we now know that the best marathon runners, for example, simply train more in the bankable leadership leading up to the marathon.

The same is true for exceptional leaders.

Tasha Eurich: Bankable Leadership

A person may not want to be a leader, which is bankable leadership different. But with focus and commitment, anyone can become a more effective leader.

Excerpt from Bankable Leadership:

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