Averno is a small crater lake in southern Italy, regarded by the ancient Romans as the entrance to the underworld. That place gives its name to Louise Glück's. by Louise Glück (Farrar, Straus & Giroux; $22) Few poets can shoulder the weight of myth the way Glück does. Here, in eighteen linked. The six-part poem 'October' 1 – from Louise Glück 's collec- tion Averno – begins in autumn, the inception of the dying season. The.


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The speaker closes with a provocative question: The whole thing is written out there.

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I have nothing to give them. On one side, the soul wanders.


On the other, human beings living in fear. In between, the pit of disappearance. And one says, averno louise gluck a joke, but not too far south — I say, as safe as anywhere, which makes them happy.

The Seven Ages continues this approach, with the mythic as a frame around the life of a woman at middle age recalling past experiences and reconsidering them with respect to her sense averno louise gluck self in the present. And yet it felt true.

I have read that other book, averno louise gluck having read this collection I can only suggest that the decision to award somebody else was the right decision. Gluck is an aggressive poet, as far as I can tell.

She writes in staccato phrases that are dark and exacting. Her words and phrases bring to mind the abrupt black and whiteness of some mid-century art photographer whose work is almost certainly more famous than their name; stark lines separating the areas averno louise gluck the sun falls from the where the shadows take over, taut, something natural, in its way, but also ugly, averno louise gluck its way, like the sheer rocky face of a mountain as it rips itself out from the suffocation of a glacier.

She also knows she is not what is called a girl any longer.


Regarding incarceration, she believes she has been a prisoner since she has been a daughter. The terrible reunions in store for her will take up the rest of her life. When the passion for expiation is chronic, fierce, you averno louise gluck not choose the way you live.

You do not live; you are not allowed to die.

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