The title of this paper, 'Naissance d'un corps, origine d'une histoire', bears witness to the importance that Piera Aulagnier granted to the dimension of history. Piera Aulagnier has 11 books on Goodreads with 47 ratings. Piera Aulagnier's most popular book is Violence of Interpretation: From Pictogram to Statement. Although in France Piera Aulagnier's work in psychoanalytic theory is regarded as of the highest importance (she is viewed as both psychoanalytic theorist and.


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The Violence of Interpretation: Brunner-Routledge, Reviewed By: Marilyn Nissim-Sabat, Fallpp.

Piera Aulagnier - Wikidata

Published in France inThe Violence of Interpretation: Aulagnier indeed was inspired to develop her theories aulagnier piera her desire to understand aulagnier piera psychotic patients.

In her view, psychosis results from a derailment of normal processes caused by parental, especially maternal, failure to respond in a meaningful way to the infant from birth.


Thus, Aulagnier presents a highly developed theory of normal or optimal development on the basis of which she derives psychotic processes as deviations from the norm.

Aulagnier piera Violence of Interpretation is quite simply a masterpiece.

Though Aulagnier rarely refers to other thinkers, grounding in the aulagnier piera of, and current trends in, psychoanalytic thought is essential for comprehension.

Additionally, basic knowledge of epistemology, i.

Books by Piera Aulagnier

Even though Aulagnier does not discourse at length on any of these topics, her aulagnier piera comprises a unique blending of psychoanalytic and philosophical themes.

Moreover, her intricate and cool intellectual style notwithstanding, Aulagnier rivals Alice Aulagnier piera in the intensity of her sense of and concern for inadequately nurtured infants. Pictograms are formed when, prior to awareness of separate psychic spaces of mother, or other, and self, the primal psyche represents to itself a sensory encounter with an object, e.

This is a pictogram.

Books by Piera Aulagnier (Author of Violence of Interpretation)

Aulagnier piera importantly, the primal process does not construe these experiences in terms of an inner-outer duality: This is the pictogram of conjunction. Where the aulagnier piera is unsatisfactory, the pictogram of rejection is represented.

For Aulagnier, all perceptual zones are erogenous zones. However, The zone-object complementarity and its corollary—that is, the illusion that every zone produces for itself the object that corresponds to it—means that the unpleasure resulting from the absence of the object or of its inadequacy, by excess or by shortcoming, will present itself as the absence, excess or shortcoming of aulagnier piera zone itself.

Similar authors to follow

In this aulagnier piera of a zone-function as source of pleasure, we find the archaic prototype of the castration that the aulagnier piera will have to reshape. In the primal, any organ of pleasure may become what is cut off in order to undo the unpleasure for which it suddenly seems to be responsible.


Thus, we may say that while primal experiences of absent objects and lack of satisfaction, which give rise to pictograms of rejection, aulagnier piera not the aulagnier piera causes of castration anxiety, such experiences, and, even more, the capacity of the human psyche to have such experiences, are a aulagnier piera precondition for the formation of castration anxiety and any of its possible harmful effects.

We also see that, if Aulagnier is right, then the entire problematic of psychoanalysis needs to be recast through comprehension of the originary processes of the human psyche.

The Violence of Interpretation: From Pictogram to Statement (Book Review)

Moreover, Aulagnier views human existence as a continuous active creation of a meaningful existence through progressive stages of development that bring about the historical constitution of a stable identity.

That aulagnier piera, the three levels of representation that comprise psychic activity—1 primal pictogram; 2 primary process fantasy; and 3 secondary process ideation, are all stages in the continuous creation of a aulagnier piera existence.

What is clear aulagnier piera that Aulagnier has neither a representational theory of mind nor a correspondence theory of truth. Like Kant, she maintains that the aulagnier piera that one knows objects-in-themselves is an illusion. In other words, the only world we can know, the only reality we can know, is the phenomenal world of experience Kant.

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