With the ability to play games directly on the browsers, there are some great games that you can play on your Chromebook. Here are our. For the uninitiated, a Chromebook is simple – it's a laptop that runs on The Asus C is easily one of the best Chromebooks you can buy. For now, there's only one Chromebook that will do it, the ASUS Chromebook Flip, but soon most newer models Chromebooks will be able to.


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Best Android games for Chromebooks as of January 2018

It started off as nothing more than a full-screen Chrome window, and while it's still centered around web browsing, the continuous UI improvements and addition of Android app support have made it pretty great.

Web apps still provide the best possible experience, but the entire Play Store is at your disposal if something can't be done in the browser. As much as it has grown, I think most Chromebook owners will still agree that Chrome OS asus chromebook how to games about compromise.

There aren't any video editors or good Photoshop alternatives. You also won't find any desktop games available for Chromebooks, and very few Android titles support keyboard input. That being said, the majority of tasks Asus chromebook how to games use a computer for can be done on a Chromebook.

For me, Chrome OS is attractive mostly because it's the least terrible desktop operating system I've tried.

Bring Steam gaming to your Chromebook.

Windows is a mess of legacy bulk, poor designand wrong priorities no one cares about Paint 3D, Microsoft. Linux is customizable and works on everything, but still lacks many of the applications I need on my desktop - not to mention my favorite games. Chrome OS, in my opinion, is an almost-perfect secondary OS.

When I just want to watch YouTube in bed or write posts from the park, I don't need fifty programs running in the background. All I need is a web browser, some Android apps, and asus chromebook how to games battery life.

Chrome OS delivers on all three.

Chrome Web Store

When I need to edit an image in Photoshop, work on a website, or play a few Overwatch matches, my Windows desktop is ready and waiting. There are definitely a few remaining quirks with Android apps on Chrome OS.

But the functionality gap is becoming smaller and smaller. In other words, when you start an Android app that creates a VPN connection, both Android apps and Chrome will use that connection.

Best Android games for Chromebooks as of January | Android Central

Chrome OS is still rapidly improving, especially when it comes to touch screen usability. I'm especially excited for the upcoming Linux container and improved PWA support. Conclusion Are Chromebooks for everyone?

Absolutely not, but they don't have to be. The ASUS Chromebook Flip C is a great laptop for people that can do without legacy desktop applications, or anyone looking for asus chromebook how to games secondary computer.

No Chromebook yet has an accelerometer, so certain titles just won't work. Not every Chromebook has a touch screen, and very few games work with a mouse and keyboard. On the flip side, every Chromebook supports Bluetooth controllers and video output, so many will asus chromebook how to games when attached to a television.

I tested all these games on the Pixelbookbut they should all work just fine on less powerful Chromebooks.

Bring Steam gaming to your Chromebook. - Tech Advisor

I used 8Bitdo's excellent SF30 Pro gamepad, but any controller that works with Android phones will also work with a Chromebook.

If your Chromebook has syncing turned off, but backup and restore turned on, it will still back up your Android apps.


But if you have more than one Chromebook, your Android apps and their data might not sync across your Chromebooks fully.

Some Android apps that have permission to see your location might also access Bluetooth on your Chromebook.


For anyone who doesn't want to go to the trouble of hacking their system, here are a few alternatives. How to run Steam asus chromebook how to games a Chromebook: Buy a cheap Windows laptop Chromebooks are light, fun, and cheap machines.

In many ways that's why we're so fond of them, as they offer customers most of the things they need for a good price. Now, we're not so sure.


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