A page for describing Recap: Asterix and the Goths. The third Asterix volume is the first one in which the heroes leave Gaul's borders, as Goscinny and . Title Slide of Asterix And The Goths. 29 asterix and the secret weapon []. ANDRES VRANT · 20 asterix in corsica []. ANDRES. Asterix and the Goths: Album #3 (The Adventures of Asterix) [Rene Goscinny, Albert Uderzo] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Whoops, it's.


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Asterix and the Goths

But because of the events of World War I and II, Goscinny and Uderzo do integrate a lot of that imagery into the story — the Goths wear pickelhaube helmets, their flags adopt a similar look to the German Nazi flag minus the swastikaand one of the chieftains looks an awful lot like Otto von Bismarck.

He said the album was drawn only some years after World Asterix and the goths II when anti-German sentiments were still vivid.

While Asterix and the Golden Sickle started with the familiar style, here it has become perfected; we will recognize the iconic characters from this point forward. In other books we get to see Uderzo take on large crowds of people, and while there are few moments like that here, it is the wilderness and countrysides that look incredible.

They escape from the Gothic army, but are soon captured again by the Goths and thrown in jail along with Rhetoric, who was also trying to flee.

Although they are thrown in prisonObelix easily breaks the door another running gag and they flee, taking Rhetoric with them to question. While at asterix and the goths he pretends to speak only Gothic, Rhetoric accidentally reveals that he can speak Gaulish and is forced to spill the beans.

While trying to sneak into the Gothic town, Rhetoric screams and asterix and the goths a patrol.

RETRO REVIEW: Asterix and the Goths (1963)

Although Asterix and Obelix beat up the patrol, they surrender to asterix and the goths last standing man to be brought to the Chief.

The Gauls are brought before Metric. Getafix reveals that he can actually speak Gothic and informs Metric that Rhetoric had been deceiving him. Once again, Rhetoric is thrown in jail with the Gauls, and they are all sentenced to execution.

Asterix, Obelix and Getafix devise a scheme in which many Goths are given magic potion, so that they spend time and energy fighting each other for asterix and the goths instead of invading Gaul and Rome, making Rhetoric play a part in it. Under the pretext of cooking a last Gaulish soup, Getafix gives the jailer a list of ingredients and brews the potion when he acquires them.

During the public execution, Rhetoric asks to go first. Full of magic potion, he resists all asterix and the goths at torture, and beats up Metric, throwing him in jail and making himself Chieftain of the Goths.

The Gauls visit Metric in his prison, and give him magic potion.

Asterix and the Goths - Asterix - The official website

They're also going to the forest of Carnutes, planning to kidnap one of the druids there. At the conference, Getafix shows off his magic potion and wins the top prize. The Goths quickly kidnap him. When their druid doesn't leave the forest, Asterix and Obelix become worried and start looking.

Finding a visigoth helmet lying asterix and the goths the grass, they realize what has happened. However, an encounter with some legionaries causes the two Gauls to be mistaken for the Goths, and soon the local Romans are looking for the duo while asterix and the goths the very obvious Goths trekking towards Germania.


Both Goths and Gauls enter Germania. Metric demands for the druid's magic through interpreter Rhetoric, promising that if Getafix refuses, Rhetoric will die with him.

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