TITRE 1er DE LA PROCÉDURE DEVANT LES COURS ET TRIBUNAUX L'assignation est signifiée par un huissier; elle peut l'être aussi par le greffier. En cas de saisie de biens servant à l'exploitation d'un fonds de commerce ou de. It bears noting that proceedings in the Tribunal de commerce take place in the of a writ of summons (assignation) served to the defendant by a process server. The "assignation", specifically an "assignation de divorce", is found at article And even though this concerns "les tribunaux de commerce".


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All of this in conjunction with India's aim of increasing foreign investment flow into the country makes the topic BITs and Investment Treaty Arbitration all the more important. The chariot of Investment Arbitration IA thrives upon its following wheels: The national law of the Host State pertaining to Investments.

assignation tribunal de commerce

Legifrance - Le service public de l'accès au droit | Legifrance

An independent Investment Agreement, if entered. The failure of either of the wheels makes the functioning of the entire regime a fruitless exercise.

As a general way assignation tribunal de commerce practice, a majority of Investment Arbitrations are treaty based which are governed by either Bilateral or Multilateral Treaties.

Essentially, International Investment Arbitration adopts the body of procedure and enforcement from International Commercial Arbitration and applies the same to disputes between assignation tribunal de commerce investors and host states.


The regime works hand in glove with the International Commercial Arbitration to create a conducive environment for Foreign Direct Investment FDI and business to flourish in any assignation tribunal de commerce. Such clauses entrust power and discretion to the appointed Arbitrators to make findings on the behavior of the Host State towards the foreign investors.

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The parties to an Investment Arbitration are free to engage independent arbitrators to make what are in quintessence; governmental decisions. These dispute resolution clauses which are common to all Investment Arbitrations are carefully drafted to either concur to assignation tribunal de commerce institutional arbitration format or an ad-hoc format, depending on the nation and its relevant treaties.

Dispute resolution by way of an assignation tribunal de commerce format or an ad-hoc basis comes with an elaborate procedure of rules which must be adhered to depending on the format the parties chose. The basic structure, procedure and formats of Investment Arbitration are reproduced as follows: The Indian Endeavor The ICSID convention2 created first of its kind forum for resolution disputes between states and the investors directlyby way of including arbitration clauses in contract between states.


Despite that India has entered into 'Bilateral Investment Treaties' commonly known as Bilateral Investment Protection Agreements "BIPAs" 3with assignation tribunal de commerce countries, been part of various arbitrations and even had two major Investment Arbitration awards against it.

The obligations that the contracting parties i. The Government of India and the foreign Investor are largely independent of the domestic legal systems, thereby pave way for public international law.

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Although India promises to be one of the most attractive destinations for FDI, but the relaxation of FDI norms still does assignation tribunal de commerce gel with many states making India a difficult jurisdiction to do business with. This new Model BIT contains some controversial and debatable clauses, such as the updated 'Most Favoured Nation' 'MFN" clause, which may not gel with the interests of many contracting states.

The issue of lack of awareness and the prevalence of misconceptions on BIT's and BIPA's implies that the investors are consequently unaware of all the protections that are afforded by such Investment Treaties. Under the Indian regime, the Investors should keep the following points in mind: The protection afforded by investment assignation tribunal de commerce is usually in addition to the normal contractual rights that the investor will have against its counterpart.


Assignation tribunal de commerce protection afforded by investment treaties are directly enforceable by the assignation tribunal de commerce against the Host State- often through international arbitration and without the need to litigate in the Host State's Courts.

Indian investment treaties do not just benefit foreign investors investing into India; claims can also be brought by Indian investors against foreign governments. But much stands to be changed now as recently the Union Minister for Commerce and Industry has announced that the Indian Government intends to unilaterally terminate all existing BITs by 31st March, The Government of India had already conveyed this to all the contracting states of the existing BITs.

These numbers make the Indian BIT programme one of the biggest amongst developing countries. This bilateral regulatory framework is significant in terms assignation tribunal de commerce its effect on the domestic regulatory behavior of India as regards investment inflows from its treaty partners.

The basic idea that persists is that investments and investor covered under the BITs are not to be put under risks, which are inappropriate or unreasonable.

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