The server will be used as a managed Arquillian container. . Maven Repository dialog, type arquillian-glassfish-managed and click icons actions find svg. Arquillian Persistence Extension was created to help you write tests where persistence layer is involved. Enough talking, let's see it in action! This guide teaches you how to use Arquillian to test your Java To see it in action, all you need to do is run the following command (and a hint.


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If you were using JBoss AS 7. Arquillian in action use another database, you have to add the corresponding driver to the installation as described in DataSources chapter of the JBoss AS 7.

We need to update our Persistence Unit to reference our new DataSource: Add the following method to the ShrinkWrap builder in the Deployment method of the test case: The Arquillian in action and the Persistence Unit are ready to go.

Arquillian: a Quick Start Guide - Help | IntelliJ IDEA

Alternatively, you can set the location using the jbossHome property in arquillian. You can also run this test into your IDE! It works just like any other JUnit test.


Enjoy the perfect recipe for testing JPA! The book will be in MEAP for a little longer but a reasonable number of chapters are already there.

Arquillian in action book (Testing forum at Coderanch)

So, it's a great chance to get your hands on everything as early as possible! The Content The first three chapters introduce you to the techniques and technologies used throughout the book.


In general the book assumes, that you're comfortable with Java and familiar with the basics behind testing with Arquillian in action and are able to build a project with Apache Maven. In chapter one you will have your first taste of an Arquillian test.

  • Testing Java Persistence · Arquillian Guides
  • Arquillian in Action goes MEAP
  • Before you start

This includes an introduction to Ike the Arquillian Prince, and become acquainted with the three guiding principals of Arquillian. Chapter two dives arquillian in action crafting your first test with Arquillian.

You'll learn about containers, executing your test arquillian in action inside the container of your choice and also within the IDE. Chapter three discusses the core concept of microdeployments, the creating of a small subsection of your application needed to support and run your tests.

Creating a folder for test sources In the project root folder, create the folder test. Creating a test class In the editor, place the cursor within the name of the class Greeter.

Review: "Arquillian in Action" by Alex Soto and Jason Porter

Under Create test methods for, select the method that doesn't return a value greet. The new test class is shown in the Project tool window.

At the same time, the file GreeterTest. The initial content of the test class is defined by the corresponding template.

Arquillian: a Quick Start Guide

Completing the code for the GreteerTest class Here is the code for the test class in its final state: Inject; import static org. Add the remaining code by copying.


Creating a run configuration for running the test To the left of public class GreeterTest, click and select Run 'GreeterTest'.

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