When nothing big is imminent, plans may be more general, with each side aiming for a strong long-term position. This gets out of tactics and into strategy.‎Goal · ‎One-turn capture · ‎Capture defense · ‎More capture patterns. Is the PDF still available somewhere? When I went to the page it auto forwards to the amazon page. I did buy the book, but a pdf would be nice. A capture threat is a tactic, but a plan to make captures easier is a strategy. A move to save The ultimate object of Arimaa is to get a rabbit to goal. The question  ‎Direct goal · ‎Capture · ‎Hostages · ‎Attacking.


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To stop the western goal, Silver can likewise block it, or can use the b4 camel to push arimaa strategies and tactics b5 rabbit to a5. Suppose Gold had to stop Silver's goals. The f1 dog could push the rabbit into the trap, which it couldn't easily get out of per the rules it couldn't step itself to f4, and if the silver elephant stepped away, a silver piece in the trap would be lost.

To stop the western goal, Gold must beware of any position which would arimaa strategies and tactics the silver camel to unfreeze the rabbit and get it to goal within four steps. The gold elephant could move from e3 to c3, leaving the silver camel no room to push onto b3 the now f3 rabbit could then move west, but would be frozen on d3 before it could reach goal.

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The problem with my little explanation is that I have no idea how to discuss this "It Factor" and it might be tautological. I also expect that there are deep games out there with no theory and no playing community.


But I am curious how you can be so confident that Slither is deep if the theory is lacking. Supposing that it would get as much intense scrutiny as Arimaa, saygames by over players over the course of 10 years with tournaments, forums, arimaa strategies and tactics, writings, etc.

There may be indeed there probably are some unrecognized gems out there, but every game designer fervently claims his own invention is the goods e.

Octiand I arimaa strategies and tactics quite sure that most of them are deluded. So how to arimaa strategies and tactics in advance? Of course I can't prove it. Arimaa is played on a chess board and uses similar pieces, which are shaped like animals: The goal is to move one of eight rabbits to the other end of the board.

A number of rules give the game its mind-bending complexity: Early in Arimaa's history, rabbit pulling was considered an important element of opening strategy.

Top 10 Mind-bending Strategy Games

It has become apparent, however, that early pulling cedes valuable space and time to the opponent, who might advance on the other arimaa strategies and tactics or even find ways to use the pulled pieces to his advantage.

While there is no simple formula to balance home and away play, strategy has moved toward the latter. Many rabbit pulls are now considered dubious.

Elephant mobility[ edit ] A recurring theme in Arimaa strategy is elephant mobility. Arimaa strategies and tactics turn must make a net change to the position. Thus one cannot, for arimaa strategies and tactics, take one step forward and one step back with the same piece, effectively passing the turn and evading zugzwang.

Furthermore, one's turn may not create the same position with the same player to move as has been created twice before.

This rule is similar to the situational super ko rule in the game of Gowhich prevents endless loops, and is in contrast to chess where endless loops are considered draws. The prohibitions on passing and repetition make Arimaa a drawless game. Pushing and pulling[ edit ] The second diagram, from the same game as the initial position above, [10] helps illustrate the remaining rules of movement.

New book: Arimaa Strategies and Tactics by Jean Daligault | Arimaa | BoardGameGeek

A player may use two consecutive steps of a turn to dislodge an opposing piece with a stronger friendly piece which is adjacent in one of the four cardinal directions.

For example, a player's dog may dislodge an opposing rabbit or cat, but not a dog, horse, camel, or elephant. The stronger piece may pull or push the adjacent weaker piece. When pulling, the stronger piece steps into an arimaa strategies and tactics square, and the square it came from is occupied by the weaker piece.

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