I don't think anyone is questioning rather or not the AR needs lubing up, but where and how much? We'll help you with that! Cleaning an AR doesn't have to be rocket surgery. No need for that, cleaning the AR is pretty easy! .. Step Lubricate your Rifle. Proper maintenance and lubrication is a must for any firearm, except maybe the AK The AR when kept properly maintained and.


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In some cases where the weapon may be exposed to harsh elements, over-lubrication may actually be ill advised as the excess oil will attract and trap dirt and debris.

Instead, keep the lubrication to a ar 15 lube points and apply it only where it is needed. The bolt itself should completely covered with a light coat of oil or grease.

Take care not to apply too much lubrication and wipe off any excess. The cam pin needs ar 15 lube points a little dot of oil or grease just above the firing pin hole.

Rub in the lubrication until it is lightly coated and wipe off any excess. In the past, many shooters would completely coat the bolt carrier with oil or grease.

This is not truly necessary. If you look closely at the bolt carrier, you will notice rails along the top and bottom of either side.


These bearing surfaces, which appear shiny on bolt carriers that have had a couple of hundred rounds fired through them, are ar 15 lube points only parts that need to be frequently lubricated.

Apply a few drops of oil or a dab of grease to each ar 15 lube points and rub it along the rail until it is lightly coated. This helps keep the rifling intact. This is a good place to drop a little bit of that Bore Cleaner you picked up.

Keep running patches through until they start coming out clean.

AR Lube Points | Armory Blog

Clean the Bolt Carrier Group This is easier than the chamber and barrel. Give everything a good scrub. Look for carbon buildup, especially at the rear of the firing pin.

Your cleaning kit should have come with brushes just for this, but a stiff toothbrush will do in a pinch. Clean the extractor well, attention to detail is key.

Lubricating Your AR-15

I ar 15 lube points sure my rags are all plain white and cleaned after every use with bleach. Make sure your bolt is fully to the front so it can be reinserted in the upper.

A flick of the wrist helps this along. Clean the Buffer Assembly This part is easy.


ar 15 lube points Get a rag with a little lube on it and wipe it all down. This part should be pretty easy. Clean the Charging Handle and Upper Receiver Just like the buffer assembly, a lightly oiled rag is all you should really need here.

Wipe everything down until you can touch your inspection rag to it and not pick up any carbon.

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