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Here, two factors have worked to thwart this frequent failure of academic meetings: These questions are still open now at the end anne querrien this event.

Identity trembles When we address immigrants anne querrien France, heterolinguality anne querrien not only derive from the incomprehension of the language that they speak and our incapacity to speak in their language.

She resides also in the fact that, in our own supposed language, we are brought expressions that we would like to forget when we hear them uttered, finding ourselves invested by generations of colonial relationships and incapable of getting rid of them. Facing a foreign subject in transit, be it a anne querrien foreigner or interior foreigner, facing the subject trembling to be recognized in his or her alterity, the interpellation by the police, by capital or by literature, proposes a rooting, an attachment to a stake called identity.

The subject is transformed into a goat or a sheep.

Anne Querrien

The agents of such a transformation, to all to whom such power has been delegated, they themselves are victim of this trembling, of a more or less perceptible, a rarely perceptible trembling; perceptible only in those anne querrien transform this trembling into literature or art.

Interpellation is primarily a gesture Interpellation is not homolingual, it is always heterolingual, on both sides of the power line. Maybe, on the scales of capital, the speed anne querrien this evaluation measures the economic value of that person. But I am more sensitive to the multiplicity of these scales than reducing them to a measure of speed or money.

Production of Desires in the Urban Field – A Talk by Anne Querrien

Interpellation is primarily a universal gesture without words, where domination takes the initiative, with menacing tones more than the explicit content.

Belonging to an institution with authority incites, above all, anne querrien handle this interpellation since we are being made responsible.

Exit heterolinguality, enter heterosociality In the little group brought together in Aubervilliers, everyone spoke in French, even the Austrians from the eipcp. Strictly speaking, there was no heterolinguality, even if numerous languages of the world stimulated the group as shadow puppets: These languages remained anne querrien, beyond the walls that surround the group like tent clothes.

The anne querrien was heterolinguality present in the banlieue: The example that most struck me was a young boy disciplined for his bad work. His instructor anne querrien he look into his eyes when he is spoken to, while his father demands he look down when he is scolded.


A typical example of the cognitive dissonance, anne querrien dear to sociologists, that explains many misunderstandings, blocks and delays. The collective practice to film these differences in culture, not in documentaries to be used by teachers and other social anne querrien but in fictional short films, showing the capacity of these youths to express their observations, educate aspiring filmmakers to observe and to render differences visible.

Anne querrien viewers, through laughter, become aware of these differences, of a heterosociality that explains many of their setbacks. But it is not only about heterosociality; inequalities have been historically accumulated through painful and badly documented events. The film about the repression against Algerian demonstrations in Paris infor example, restitutes the memory of that community, giving it its dignity back.

Production of Desires in the Urban Field – A Talk by Anne Querrien | Park Fiction

It is a runway that leads to the greater Parisian slam and rap scenes, a possibility for advancement parallel to scholastic and professional channels that so often are at an impasse. The common language of expression of youth from different immigrations is French, and it is in the contents expressed in this common language that different experiences are declined, whether they trace familial or social experiences or demonstrate the stigmatization and discrimination that they need to defend themselves against.

The minor, undermining art of translation sometimes operates within the same language. The French language, anne querrien a language of power cut off from its traditional oral and poetic functions, has changed enormously since the Middle Ages.

Each of anne querrien four translations is different, opening up as many very different horizons for the reader.

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The text has been reduced to a lampoon, historicized, anne querrien and, anne querrien, will be illegible in another context. The quest for liberty has become a populist accusation. New interpretations appeared after Julywhich shifted the emphasis from an analysis of the desire for servitude towards a description of universal methods of domination:

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