Editorial Reviews. Review. If you are interested in getting in great shape then this book is for He has developed an entire website around this theme at He currently lives in Vancouver, British Columbia. Lean How To Build Powerful, Strong, Toned Arms In Only Minutes A Day! By David Nordmark Table of Contents Disclaimer. Get Better Results with 6 Animal-Inspired Exercises. Animal-Inspired Workout. 1 of 7. Komodo Dragon. 2 of 7. Monkey Shuffle. 3 of 7. Crouching Tiger. 4 of 7. Cocoons. 5 of 7. Cricket Hops. 6 of 7. Bear Crawl. 7 of 7.


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I felt as light as feather when I kicked my feet up, and when they were up there, my whole body automatically positioned and realigned itself making animal kingdom workouts handstand firm, stable and strong!

Animal kingdom workouts really felt strong as steel! Never before I felt such sensation whenever I did the handstand.

The Latest Updates on Animal-Kingdom-Workouts

The animal kingdom workouts were almost indescribable! I did the moenda for the first time, a very difficult move in Capoeira that I couldn't do at all in the beginning.

I surprised myself when I started doing it. I pulled it off with ease!! I mean I really, really nailed it good!


Animal kingdom workouts never even practiced or did any special preparation, drills or whatsoever for this move. But yet, here I was doing it like I had been doing it all the time!

Get Better Results with 6 Animal-Inspired Exercises

Before using your programs, I clearly remember how difficult I had to push myself going through even the most basic skills in Capoeira when I first started out as I didn't understand how important a strong core and a functional body are to this type of sport which is very similar to gymnastics.

Yes, I was muscular and felt fit at that time from all the weight training and cardios I did animal kingdom workouts the years, but when I started animal kingdom workouts in Capoeira, I realized that all the muscles couldn't deliver what I needed to excel in the sport.

It seemed that the muscles I had on animal kingdom workouts frame made it even more difficult for me to practice the skills. The 'heaviness' and that 'locked feeling' just seemed to want me to stay on the ground and keep me there.

Obviously, I blamed on gravity.

As you know, this sort of sport requires you to move gracefully as a jungle cat, strongly as a bear and flow lightly and smoothly as the river water. And I animal kingdom workouts do all that because by the way my body worked at that time made doing the skills all unbearable!

They have been nothing but a great assistance and help to my training, strength and overall health. Thank you so much for coming up animal kingdom workouts such an efficient animal kingdom workouts effective fitness invention. Eddie, what I can tell you now is that I really can't wait to come to my capoeira training again, and see what else my body is capable of doing that I don't know it can do.

But one thing for sure, I know all these new abilities I discovered in myself are directly attributed to my training in both your Animal Kingdom and Gymnastic Abs programs.


They are the super fitness training combo! I truly believe that if anyone is dead serious about animal kingdom workouts their skills in any sports to a whole new level, then they must consider incorporating these two programs in their training for maximum peak performance.

The Latest Updates on Animal-Kingdom-Workouts

Keep up the good work and all the best animal kingdom workouts you guys. I went to a park and tried some of the workouts as best I could and just did enough to get a great workout.


This is one awesome course! Animal kingdom workouts was probably one of the toughest workouts I have ever put myself through, and that's saying something since I have done some hardcore workouts. This definitely gave me something to look at not only for fun but conditioning everything in a short amount of time.

In the week since I've had AKC I've been sleeping better, I've been less irritated about certain things and I animal kingdom workouts more relaxed than I have in a while.

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