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The Ultimate EU Test Book - Assessment Centre Edition 2018

The Graduate Job Podcast is your weekly home for all things related to helping you on your journey to finding that amazing job.

Each week I bring together andras baneth best minds in the industry, speaking to leading authors, entrepreneurs, coaches and bloggers who bring decades of experience into a byte size andras baneth 30 minute show. Put simply, this is the show I wish I had when I graduated.


We explore all aspects of the EPSO test, from how to apply, to how to ensure that you are fully prepared full the rigorous application process. We take you through the psychometric testing, the EPSO assessment centre, what andras baneth can expect in the andras baneth study, through to the new intermediate test phase.

András Baneth –

No matter where you andras baneth in the world, this episode is for you, as we explore the EUs internship scheme which is open to applicants from around the world. As always, all links to andras baneth we discuss and a full transcript are available in the show notes at www.

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Before we start many thanks to those of you who have completed andras baneth survey over at www. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

See the show notes at www. Right, lets crack andras baneth with the show. One is to work in the institutions, and the other one is to work with the European institutions. What I mean by the first category is exactly what you just outlined; so working inside the European Parliament, inside the European Commission, inside one of the European agencies, so be a direct employee, or as they would be called civil servants andras baneth these institutions.

Basically, we can look at three main types of contracts. So, getting andras baneth traineeship is usually the entry point of any European career because traineeships are fairly open and they andras baneth fairly easy to get.

That means that each of the European institutions, or all of the European institutions, have very structured and organized traineeship program.

These are available online, so you can apply and find out more, usually they last five months, and they run twice a year, especially for the European Commission, which andras baneth in about 1, trainees per year.

The Ultimate EU Test Book Administrators by Andras Baneth | eBay

Number two andras baneth be temporary agent or contract agent. Which are pretty much like a fixed-term contract jobs.

Which, again, are fairly large in number, it runs in the thousands, but, as the name suggests, they end at one point. Usually they last anything between two to five years. What the actual job entails, so what the content, the substance of the job is, can be vastly different, because someone who is formally an intern can do extremely interesting and high responsibility jobs.

Whereas someone who is a permanent official may have andras baneth levels of responsibility, but there come other benefits or other things that go with it.

So starting with maybe the traineeship, the intern so to speak, you mentioned that they were five months in length, and two intakes a year.

What age range do they focus on? Is it people still at university, or post-university, or even before university?

So, four semesters behind you, and then you can apply. And, on top of that, linguistic knowledge plays an important role.

So, usually English plus andras baneth least another language.

Andras BANETH | European Economic and Social Committee

They look for some extracurricular achievement, activities. For the applications, andras baneth you apply to the specific institutions themselves, or is it more of a general pool and then they place you?


So, the Commission has its traineeship office but they only deal andras baneth European Commission trainees. Someone might be a trainee at the European Parliament as an administrative organization, but you can also andras baneth a trainee at individual members of the European Parliament or even at the different political groups.


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