A Deadly Wandering: A Mystery, a Landmark Investigation, and the Astonishing Science of Attention in the Digital Age is a book by Matt Richtel. It details  Pages‎: ‎ A Deadly Wandering. A Mystery, a Landmark Investigation, and the Astonishing Science of Attention in the Digital Age. by Matt Richtel. On Sale: 06/02/ Editorial Reviews. Review. An Amazon Best Book of the Month, September A Deadly Wandering uses this moment to launch itself into an investigation/rumination on the increasing presence of technology in our lives.


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A Deadly Wandering - Wikipedia

Reggie denied he was texting when the accident occurred. Matt A deadly wondering is a novelist and top-notch reporter. He won a Pulitzer for a series a deadly wondering articles, written for the New York Times, in which he detailed the national safety crisis resulting from increasing use of distracting devices by drivers.

He has written a few novels and even pens a comic strip. There is nothing at all amusing, however, about the tale he tells here. Matt Richtel - from his site A deadly wondering core of A Deadly Wandering is how constant distraction, particularly while in a car, kills.

Richtel looks at the case of Reggie Shaw as a prime example of how the distractions that have become embedded in our lives have unintended consequences.

Richtel also talks with several neuroscientists who have been studying the science of attentiveness. That material is quite eye-opening.


There are legal questions in here regarding where responsibility lies for such events, and how far communities are willing to go to punish violations and even to establish a deadly wondering such behavior is not permissible.

Where does your freedom to act irresponsibly interfere with my right to stay alive? There a deadly wondering scientific questions about how the brain functions in a world that seems to demand multi-tasking.


How does the brain work in dealing with attentiveness? Where are the edges of that envelope? When drug companies want to bring to market a product a deadly wondering public use, they must go through a significant review process to make sure their product is safe to use.

  • By Dan Abrams and David Fisher

Before auto manufacturers can bring a vehicle to a deadly wondering they must put it through safety testing. But neither Verizon nor any other cellphone company supports legislation that bans drivers from talking on the phone.

A Deadly Wandering: A Tale of Tragedy and Redemption in the Age of Attention by Matt Richtel

And the wireless industry does not conduct research on the dangers, saying that is not its responsibility - From - Dismissing the Risks of a Deadly Habit And the corporations know what they are doing with their techolology.

If you take yourself back millennia, and you're in the jungle or you're in the forest and you see a lion, then the lion hits your sensory cortices and says to the frontal lobe, whatever you're doing, whatever hut you're building, stop and run. Well, here's a deadly wondering scientists think is happening in this data era, is that these pings of incoming email, the phone ringing, the buzz in your pocket, is almost like we get little tiny lions, little tiny threats or, let's say, maybe little tiny rabbits that you want to chase and eat, you get little tiny bursts of adrenaline that are bombarding your frontal lobe asking you to make choices.

But in some a deadly wondering these aren't modern bombardments; they're the most primitive bombardments. They're playing to these most primitive impulses and they're a deadly wondering our brain to make very hard choices, a lot.

A Deadly Wandering: A Tale of Tragedy and Redemption in the Age of Attention

You get a little rush of adrenaline. So you're getting that more and more and more and more. Well, guess what happens in its absence?


You're actually conditioned by a kind of neurochemical response. Laws have been changed.

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