The 5 Year Journal is a book where you can journal on three lines for a single day and have five (5) years of journaling on one page. Watch this week's vlog to learn about my favorite tool to use while practicing Bright Line Eating. FOR THIS. Q&A 5 Year Journal. Image Via Pinterest. I write in it every day, but over the course of five years? It took me a second to understand, then she.


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This is such a doable project. Off to print out questions for February.

Thanks so much for this great project! And by leaving some cards blank or 5 year journal room you have space to add other things in later years.

Five-Year Journal | Writing Your Life

Reply Marge January 31, at I just retired, and this sounds like a really fun idea. TamiTaylor February 2, at 6: What a great way to document your new 5 year journal Reply linda February 2, at 5: Or join the mailing list and Debbie will send out period emails letting you know the posts that went up.

Saxe February 3, at 7: This will be fun, thanks for the ideas: Reply TamiTaylor February 4, at 2: Then I came across 5 year journal idea and the notebook is just perfect for it.

Looking forwards to the questions 5 year journal month. Reply Cheryl Rice February 17, at 2: How can I go 5 year journal doing that? Reply TamiTaylor February 17, at 3: I would like to possibly use them in my high school business education classes as bell ringer assignments.

Thanks for posting and sharing!

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Alicia February 18, at 5: I found you through Pinterest and boy am I glad 5 year journal did. For this to be spelled out prior to beginning, I think I might actually follow you through this process. Thank you so much for sharing this with everyone!!

Reply Kathy Jo Camacaho February 25, at 7: This is going to be great!

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