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Stratégie, les 33 lois de la guerre

Grant, movie moguls to samurai swordsmen. They look at their life and start to measure their accomplishments. I then ask these people, of their goals, how many they would say they accomplish in a year or month.


In most cases, they have set goals but they have no idea of the steps or work it takes to accomplish them. I tell you, although we set goals, the outcome we desire is a specific set of results. Let's look at the big picture: To me, when I hear the word "goal," 33 lois de la guerre mainly think of wishful thinking.

I have no idea how to make this goal a reality, and I know plenty of people who work hard and don't get the result they wanted. Is it possible that, in the process of working toward that goal, they lost sight of the result intended?

Stratégie, les 33 lois de la guerre (Audiobook) by Robert Greene |

The 8 Laws of Corporate America: A job of high importance came to mind, maybe even wearing a suit and working in a fancy office. The sad truth in the matter of this place is, although it has its perks and benefits, it has about as much politics and as many cliques as the high school cafeteria.

When thinking about life after high school we always imagined that the real world wouldn't have as many barriers. The cool kids, 33 lois de la guerre they were completely outnumbered 33 lois de la guerre the kids that weren't, had the approval of the staff to lead and make decisions for the overall student body.

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You might remember being frustrated by this because these students weren't as bright or as knowledgeable as you or your peers about what they were running or leading. The staff's only job was to teach, and they ignored the many obstacles put in place by these cliques.


One might laugh at the comparison of corporate America 33 lois de la guerre high school, but to many who have lived it, they know it's a spot-on truth when comparing the politics involved in each. Discover who you, or your pursuer, most resembles. Learn, too, the pitfalls of the anti-Seducer.

Immerse yourself in the twenty-four manoeuvres and strategies of the seductive process, the ritual by which a seducer gains mastery over their target.

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In addition, Greene provides 33 lois de la guerre on how to identify victims by type. To see our uniqueness expressed in our achievements, we must first learn the rules - and then how to change them completely. Charles Darwin began as an underachieving schoolboy, Leonardo da Vinci as an illegitimate outcast.

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