*Pathfinder, Starfinder, Older D&D Editions (4E, 3.x, 2E, 1E, OD&D), D&D Variants, OSR adventurer's vault ( KB, views). The Vault of the Devourer. 1 A four-hour adventure for 1st-4th level characters Organized Play: Chris Lindsay. Version 4. D&D Adventurers League Wizards. Here are the classic D&D modules ranked from best to worst. Others do the opposite, and for me Vault of the Drow has appreciated in It covers Hell's first four circles, and the updated version covers all nine circles in a.


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Rereading it today I can see why.

Players basically sail off to a tropical island to go treasure hunting, and how things unfold depends entirely on where they 1st edition d&d adventures vault to go exploring. There are King Kong homages, notably the village of Tanaroa, and plenty of prehistoric creatures, not to mention pirates waiting to pounce near the coast.

The high point is a 1st edition d&d adventures vault temple controlled by amphibious mind-controlling creatures, much of it submerged — and this is the part I remember most, especially the underwater corridor with the black pearl.

The Isle of Dread is one of the least plot-driven modules I can think of, a product that almost epitomizes the Golden Age, and the wilderness adventure we cut our teeth on after The Keep on the Borderlands served as our tutorial dungeon.

Per James Maliszewski, this island is a perfect setting for Dwellers of the Forbidden City, and no surprise, since David Cook is the author of each. The temple itself is a two-tiered pyramid with dungeons beneath, and a secret mini-level harboring potent treasures and nasty traps.

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The idea that characters must enact twisted rituals to progress through the temple is creepy as hell; the temple 1st edition d&d adventures vault is the chief antagonist, defending itself against assault and penetration in insidious ways.

And while some consider the final room of the Black Cyst to be anti-climactic, I love it for the non-traditional endgame involving a subtle energy 1st edition d&d adventures vault — which of course is Tharizdun himself, trying to manifest and be set free.

The possibility of being trapped forever underground is very real. Did I have a blast with this one. Published in Dragon magazine 90, it takes place on the outer plane of Gladsheim, and has the Norse gods recruiting high level mortals to do their dirty work whilst Odin is MIA.

List of Dungeons & Dragons modules - Wikipedia

The hammer, if not destroyed or returned to the forces of good, would usher in Ragnarok, and Loki himself gets involved with the players. Moore 1st edition d&d adventures vault his adventure with two additional articles about Gladsheim, one of which mapped out places like Asgard and Jotunheim, and detailed various things that were invaluable to running a scenario like this.


The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh is the fan favorite: On top of this, the assassin plant in the upstairs bedroom has loads of potential, and if used subtly, can really sow confusion or even discord among the players.

It turns out that a colony of lizard men have been arming themselves, but not to attack Saltmarsh or any human settlement, rather to take back 1st edition d&d adventures vault own fortress from invading sahuagin, who are the true threat to humanity.

The Final Enemy is the straightforward module and incredibly deadly.


Master of the Desert Nomads is a desert wilderness of horrors, at the end of which waits an abbey run by what appear to be a benign group of monks who in actuality are hideous undead-like creatures who show their true forms when the sun goes down.

The abbey is one of my favorite 1st edition d&d adventures vault ever designed and it plays extremely well, with a lot of nail-biting tension.

Dungeons & Dragons

Temple of Death is a close tie, though against consensus I slightly favor the abbey over the temple. The deception behind the former adds another level of tension, appearing to be a benign sanctuary but in fact a death zone.

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There is some troublesome railroading, for example the town of Magden which instead of being 1st edition d&d adventures vault location on the map only becomes a location after the PCs visit one of the three nameless towns; i.

The mountain pass into Hule is wild pup fantasy come to life, with alluring caverns of hallucinations, and even a ladder that ascends into a Kingdom of the Moon.

As for the temple of death itself, it can be counted on to kill all but the most shrewd PCs.


Such strategies will work against players as often as for them.

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