12th Five Year Plan: Find Latest Stories, Special Reports, News & Pictures on 12th Mercury Sports Entertainment, the India master franchise holder of Brave. 12th Five Year Plan of the Government of India (–17) was India's last Five Year Plan. With the deteriorating global situation, the Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission Mr Montek Singh Ahluwalia has said that achieving an average growth rate of 9 per cent in the next five years is not possible. India. Planning Commission. Twelfth five year plan (/)/Planning Commission, SAGE India offers special discounts for purchase of books in bulk.


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Its growth target was 5. Seventh Five Year Plan: Objectives of this plan include the establishment of the self sufficient economy, opportunities for productive employment.


For the first time the private sector got the priority over public sector. Eighth five Plan could not take place due to volatile political situation at the centre.

Eighth Five Year Plan: In this plan the top priority was given to development of the human resources i. Duing this plan Narasimha Rao Govt.

12th Five Year Plan: Latest News on 12th Five Year Plan | Top Stories & Photos on

This plan was successful and got annual growth rate of 6. Ninth Five Year Plan: It was launched in the 50th year of independence of India. Tenth Five Year Plan: This plan aims to double the per capita income of 12th five year plans in india in the next 10 years. The appraisal would follow nine broad themes including the economy and policies, macroeconomic factors, employment and skill development, governances, human resource development, physical infrastructure, environmental sustainability, agriculture and rural transformation and urban transformation.

The council is expected to meet after July, subject to the convenience of the Prime Minister.

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It is mainly focused on health. The status of the 12th Plan is in question due to the dissolution of the Planning Commission. This was the end of Nehruvian socialism.


The National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development was established for development of rural areas on 12 July by recommendation of the Shivaraman Committee.

Family planning was also expanded in order to prevent overpopulation. In contrast to China's strict and binding one-child policyIndian policy did not rely on the threat of force[ citation needed ].

More prosperous areas of India adopted family planning more rapidly than less prosperous areas, which continued to have a high birth rate. The plan laid stress on improving the productivity level of industries by upgrading of technology.

The main objectives of the Seventh Five-Year Plan were to establish growth in areas of increasing economic productivity, production of food grains, and generating employment through "Social Justice".

As an outcome of the Sixth Five-Year Plan, there had been steady growth in agriculture, controls on the rate of inflation, and favourable balance of payments which had provided a strong base for the Seventh Five-Year Plan to build on the need for further 12th five year plans in india growth.

The Seventh Plan had strived towards socialism and energy production at large.

The thrust areas of the Seventh Five-Year Plan were: Based on a year period of striving towards steady growth, the Seventh Plan was focused on achieving the prerequisites of self-sustaining growth by the year Balance of payments estimates: Annual Plans — [ edit ] The Eighth Plan could not take off in due to the fast changing political situation at the centre and the years —91 and —92 were treated as Annual Plans.

The Eighth Plan was finally formulated for 12th five year plans in india period — Eighth Plan — [ edit ] —91 was a period of economic instability in India and hence no five-year plan was implemented.

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